Besides St. John's Wort, what are good herbal antidepressants?

I tend toward dysthymia, and I have been in a rather low mood for the last month or so since a disastrous family trip. I was in an angry mood for a couple of weeks, but it has morphed into depression.

I'm on no medications whatsoever, and I'm wondering if St. John's wort is suitable for me, or if there's a better herbal antidepressant. I hate would rather work herbally before I have to go the conventional route because I am no fan of conventional pharmaceuticals.

Does anyone have experience using herbal remedies for depreession, and if so, what did you use and for how long?



I should have mentioned it--I'm vegan, so fish oil is out of the question.

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    First of all the best advice I ever heard was "depression is suppressed anger". Sometimes talking to someone you trust can be a good place to start either friend, counselor, clergy, or just screaming in the woods. Also fights with the crazy family are in the top five stressors in life. Not fun. Maybe a breather from the family might be in order.

    Here are some herbal ideas too.

    Top picks:

    Eicosapentaenoic acid (ethyl ester [E-EPA])

    Folic acid (for folate deficiency)

    Iron (for iron deficiency)

    Vitamin B12 (for B12 deficiency)

    Vitamin B6 (with oral contraceptives)

    Secondary choices:







    Vitamin B6 (for premenstrual syndrome)

    Vitamin D

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    There is one called Ging Kaow or something like that. It works pretty well and actually feels alot like prosak.

    Try St. John's wort - it mellows you out with a little buzz.

    Fish oil capsules are also very important, as is good hydration. Do some exercise and sports too. Best luck.

    Source(s): chiropractor.
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    The most effective one that my hubby and I have used is aromatherapy with orange oil. Sometimes we add lavender oil too, but we just get a bowl and pour boiling water in and put a towel over the head and breathe in, for severe days. For everyday use, we put a few drops in an oil burner and it smells up the home....I also take a vitamin B complex with B12, that helps too.

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    EPA ( Eicosapentaenoic acid) fish oil is supposedly very good for altering the brain chemistry which many neurologists believe could be at the root of depression. Many sufferers certainly find that it helps them, nevertheless. Certainly worth a try - if nothing else, you'll be getting your recommended daily dose of omegas 3 and 6.

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    Consult a Good Homeopathic Physician,

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    vegan flax seed oil is just as good as fish oil for depression.

    Jasmine is uplifting as are all citrus if you like essential oils

    "rhodiola rosae" is another excellent herb I have used for depression, but quality varies alot.

    any adaptogen type herb or better a combination of some are good to boost your body's reserves

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    excercise increases your bodys making of seritonin or "the happy chemical"

    st john's wort is good but not for prolonged use because instead of creating more seritonin it just releases more

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    For immediate results: L-Theanine.

    At night: 5-HTP

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    vitamin D

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