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Wat did henry hudson do???and does anyone know a website dat has a biography of him??

Hi,i have a project due on april 18 and i have to do it on henry husdon...but i dont kno anything about him.I really NEED HELP SOOOO I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF I HAD SOMEONE HELP ME THANKS!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Henry Hudson was an explorer who, from 1607 to 1610, set out to find the fabled "Northwest Passage" across North America. In his travels, he went from England, down the coast of North America as far as Massachusetts, and as north as the top of Labrador. He then followed the coastline to find a new bay, assuming that he found the way to the Pacific. He was obviously wrong, although the bay was eventually named after him, thus we have Hudson`s Bay. He had earlier tried to go the other way around, from England, directly north past Norway and beyond, turning around past Spitzbergen and north of present day Archangelsk. For more information, please use Wikipedia.

    Source(s): B.A. in History Readers Digest, "The Last Two Million Years".
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    search Henry Hudson

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