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Obama supporters, what mistakes has your candidate made?

I used this answer several times......

Obama is PERFECT!! He could confess to murder and his supporters would still follow him. Must be some strong kool Aid.

Several of his supporters said he isn't perfect, so give me some things he has done wrong? Or is the kool aid affecting your memory?


Loveher, macrae, eric6, darrinb,and fdm215...thanks for making my point for me. STILL WAITING TO HEAR ABOUT ONE OF HIS MISTAKES!!

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    have you ever met people truly removed from reality? Well, that is why they see no wrong in him, they are not in reality, they deal in terms of fantasy. As for the so called Obama supporters being more educated, DID you know that was developed by a questionnaire? It was not even validated, so because they live in fantasy many lie about their education as well! Sadly, whoever is elected will become reality then the fantasy of the words is over, then the problems start!

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    The Kool Aid here in Chicago is just fine. The problem is bored Americians blogging all day with no life. I guess we should trust the wife of a former president who loves to have relations in the white house, who steals, lies and cheats for Real Estate. Oh yeah, and at one point was probably drinking Kool Aid too.

    (Pink Lemonade)

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    I haven't had Kool Aid in 20 years. Obama doesn't have to be perfect. Only a fool would expect perfection a human being. Not to mention a review of our presidents will quickly show that not one has been anywhere near perfect.

    Obama 2008

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    I don't know what you are talking about, but generally people love kool-aid.... Especially the cherry kind :)

    I drink kool-aid heavily on weekends.....

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    It's amazing that you want to talk about Obama so much....

    Oh, I get it - you don't want to talk about McCain.

    After all, he wasn't good enough to be your candidate 4 years ago - you picked Bush instead.

    And we all know what a good decision THAT was.

    Can you say, "credibility issues?"

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    He gives the American people too much credit. He actually believes that we are not swayed by every bs email that hits our inbox and therefore...

    is viewed as 'late' to jump on the 'denounce and decry' express.

    Obama 08

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    belong to a racist church

    raised muslim

    failed to salute the flag

    lied about church

    lied about nafta

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    have not seen or heard of any mistakes, guess he's perfect

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    Obama supporters are living in a delusional world.

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    He tied his shoe laces together when he was complaining about 'racist' comments made by Geraldine Ferraro.

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