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What excatly is a "Bunny Boiler"?

It sounds really....savage....


texas witch, i think you misunderstood. but if you think im promoting cruelty to animals you're very much mistaken.

Update 2:

its actually a refrence from a movie. cool. thank you.

Update 3:

yeah! and shes an awesome contact! i dont think she would actually do that though....poor rabbit

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    Yeah, most of the people here got it right; the term "bunny boiler" comes from the movie *Fatal Attraction*. The Glenn Close character in this movie is said to show signs of borderline personality disorder, and that is why she did all those crazy things because people who have BPD often do irrational things like boil pet bunnies, but I, I would never boil a cute bunny: I am an angel! ;)

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  • Mary
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    I think that there is a big difference. The problem is that most "fluffies" call themselves "Eclectic," which confuses the issue. A fluffy is someone who has no grasp of history, and very little understanding of the Craft, but refuses to learn. They think that Wicca is whatever they want it to be, and that anyone who tells them otherwise is intolerant, judgemental, or dogmatic. They are, on the one hand, very close-minded to certain books, authors, and traditions that they erroneously think are "Dark," and on the other hand, so open-minded that their brains have fallen out. For some of them, Wicca is a political statement. For some it justifies their animosity against Christianity, or against Men, or against their parents, or against the "Normals" in general. For some it is fantasy fulfillment. It makes them feel like they have control in an otherwise overwhelming world where they previously felt completely powerless. Some have lost touch, to some extent, and think that they're living an episode of Charmed, or they can't tell the difference between Wicca and a D&D game -- the sorts of people who cast spells with a d20. Some fluffies are simply young dabblers -- some will grow out of it, and some will grow into it. Others are simply posers who are using the Craft to look cool. So the difference between an Eclectic and a Fluffy is whether or not you know what you're doing, or care to. An Eclectic takes an experimental approach to Magick, using what works from a variety of traditions. Eclecticism takes a lot of research, a lot of work. Fluffies often call themselves "Eclectic" because they think it excuses them from doing the research. But, as the old saying goes, you have to know the rules before you can break them.

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    A Boiling Bunny?


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  • I forget which but it's a reference to an old movie.

    A woman was obsessed with a man. The man broke her heart and she went crazy. She boiled his pet bunny and left him there, in the pot, on the burner for him to find upon coming home from work.

    Long story short, it's a crazy love struck person who is at the breaking point where killing seems like a good idea to profess ones love for someone or something.

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    It's in reference to the film 'Fatal Attraction' in which a character played by Glen Close is spurned after an affair with a married man then gets revenge by stalking him and boiling his family's pet rabbit amongst other things.

    It's used to mean an obsessive possessive woman usually.

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  • Anonymous
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    "An unhinged and overly possessive woman. From the rabbit boiling scene in the film "Fatal Attraction". e.g. "I don't like the look of that aeroplane blonde-could be a bunny boiler".

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    A psycho girlfriend. It was from a movie "fatal attraction" where the chick went nuts and boiled the family pet, which was a bunny.

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    Watch the movie

    Fatal Attraction

    Glen Close and Michael Douglas

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    It's from a movie....this chic got all obsessed with Michael Douglas and when he dumped her, she went thing she did was to get his daughter's pet rabbit and boil it.

    So, a Bunny Boiler is someone who has been dumped and hasn't gotten over it and is angry.

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  • A cool contact.

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