what is a more important addition to a laptop?

i am intrested in getting a laptop from dell and found a model that fits my needs and how much i am willing to spend, but i find that i have enough to either to upgrade from a core duo chip to a core 2 duo t5450 or from a 56whr 6 cell ion battery to a 85whr 9 cell battery? (if you know of a place i could find dell coupons that would kickass)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This depends on your usage a lot! Without knowing you, I can't say much about which one to choose. Generally, for me, I would choose the upgrade to a Core2Duo, since it is more efficient [Thus saving power too] and it is faster.

    However, if you are the kind of guy who travels a lot, you might wanna upgrade your battery instead of your processor. It depends.

    As for me, I would upgrade the processor. However, if you do not use the laptop to do any performance intensive program, you should just upgrade the battery.

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