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Who has the better starting rotation: Red Sox or Mets? Or neither?

I was on USA Today's website and saw a poll about which team has the best starting rotation. It's a tie (28%) between the Red Sox and the Mets. If you think that there's another team with a better starting rotation, feel free to choose them.

So, which team has the best starting rotation? And why?

There's the link to the page of the poll.

Thanks. :)

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    Neither team has the best starting rotation, but if I had to pick between the two I'd say the Red Sox. The Padres have the best rotation in baseball.

    The Mets have the most overrated pitching staff in baseball.

    Last year Santana went 15-13, not 20-6. There are several pitchers who are better than Santana: Peavey, Sabathia, Beckett, just to name a few. Santana was completely overhyped during the whole trade nonsense that took place this offseason. There's a reason the Mets ended up with Santana and not the Red Sox or Yankees and that's because the Red Sox and Yankees knew Santana is not worth the price the Twins were asking. The Mets will be in for quite a shock this season.

    Pedro Martinez is no longer the dominate pitcher he once was. He's getting older and he's having a hard time staying off the DL.

    Orlando Hernandez is in the same position. His last 5 games last season, he couldn't even make it past the third inning. There's a reason he's been on several teams the last few years; he's old and washed up.

    John Maine should probably be the Mets number 2 pitcher, but he's too inconsistent. Last year was his first full year while going 15-10. However, the games he lost, he gave up alot of runs. Even some of the games he won, he gave up alot of runs. Maine is nowhere near a proven pitcher in the Majors, going 6-5, 2-3, and 0-1 in his other seasons in the Majors. He hasn't even pitched past 200 innings, even last year when he started 32 games.

    Currently, the Mets website lists Oliver Perez as one of their top 5 starting pitchers. Another guy like Maine, he could have a strong season but he's also inconsistent. He gives up alot of runs when he loses, which means he can't keep his team in a game. He has yet to pitch past 200 innings and only managed to reach double digit wins for the second time in his career last season.

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  • John H
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    Currently the Mets are at 20% and the Red Sox at 16%. I personally think if Jason Schmidt is healthy that the Dodgers have the best rotation in baseball.

    Brad Penny

    Derek Lowe

    Chad Billingsley

    Jason Schmidt

    Hiroki Kuroda

    Between those two teams I'd have to say the Red Sox have the better staff. I'll even take Beckett and Matsuzaka over Santana and Martinez if asked the better 1 and 2 combination.

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    I would give the edge to the Red Sox. I dont trust Mayne, Perez, or Hernandez as the 3-4-5 guys in the Mets rotation.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Red Sox

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    Red Sox

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    Definitely the Mets and I'm a red sox fan, the Mets have the best 1-4 starting pitching in all of Baseball.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think the Red Sox are better at hitting, but the Mets are better fielders.

    I also think the Red Sox have the better pitching staff.

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    Well lets compare

    The Mets




    El duque and

    the 5th starter

    Red Sox





    Clay Buckholtz[ sorry for the spelling}


    i think both have great aces , and the both have good #2 pitchers but the rest 3 will have to prove that they can candle it

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well its a hard 1 lets compare..

    Mets Red Sox

    1.Santana > Beckett

    2.Maine = Dice-k (Dice-k is kinda overated and had a decent year last year...barely over .500 maine had a decent year too)

    3.Pedro = Schilling (Both guys are old and declining is a toss up )

    4.Perez < Lester (its a hard one ! but i gotta give it to lester because hes younger)

    5. El Deque > Wakefield

    As you could see the mets slightly have the better pitching rotation just barely though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    easily red sox...beckett is pretty comparable to santana...i thinke dicek is gonna have a breakout year and pedro is declining...altough perez may be a little better wakefield had a career high number of wins last year...lester and buchholz are both gonna be great and hav very high vceilings and i think they are better than maine and Hernandez

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