Fluid on my knee? Dislocated knee cap?????

I have dislocated my knee cap (patella) several times over a five year period. A couple of times it has gone back in place on it's own but three times I've had to go to A&E where a doctor has had to put it back in place, followed by a splint and physiotherapy. The last time this happened was 17 months ago. For the past 3 days i've had fluid on my knee, it's not painful it just feels peculiar and tight. Any idea why this has happened? and what should a do so the fluid will go?

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  • shanna
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    1 decade ago
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    I have a form of arthiritis that effects only my knees (for now) and I get fluid build up quite often. I use Prednizone, that my doc prescribes.. I don't know about your injury, but you'd better get back to the doctor. The fluid won't just "go away".

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    Fluid In The Knee Cap

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    You probably want to have that checked out just to be sure. I have had ACL tears in both knees which caused swelling. You need to make sure there is no blood in the fluid that is collecting around the kneecap because that could signal a more serious injury involving ligaments and such. It will probably be more comfortable at the very least to have it drained. Good Luck!

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