What does G.R. stand for as applied to business?

Specifically, when used to refer to corporations and LLC's.


It's in a study guide outlining different business structures. It says Fiduciary Duty for Corporations: Shareholders -- G.R. - No.

Another instance is on an LLC where it talks about management, referring to a G.R. member.

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    Goods Receipt

    In business management software their is G.R./I.R. clearing accounts for SOX accounting compliance. This is the Goods Receipt and Invoice Receipt in the verification process.

    Source(s): Ok I did a little more research. It stands for Government Resolution as in G.R. NO. 17172. Government Resolution Number 17172. It has to do with the legal definitions of corporations and LLC's
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    Gross Revenue mostly

    maybe even Growth Rate?

    maybe even General Reserve

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