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Is Phoenix, Arizona a nice place to live?

After watching House Hunters, I am very interested in Phoenix ,Arizona.

What is the economy like and how is the diversity factor?

It seems real estate is much cheaper in Phoenix than say Michigan....

Any info would be most appreciated.

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    The job market is great right now. The housing market is a buyer's market. It is really easy to find a job out here right now. I have been here 19 years and LOVE it.

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    It's a growing and sprawling metropolis with lots of freeways, and never ending suburban sprawl in all directions. Couple that in with picturesque mountains on three sides, with a couple of small mountain buttes within city limits, makes for a picturesque city.

    PHX diversity is primarily made up of Hispanics, and Whites, sprinkled with Native Americans, Blacks, and some Asians (many who have recently moved from CA). Phoenix in my opinion is trying to make itself LA without the beach. There are pockets of wealth all over, more so in the in cities of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Glendale. North Scottsdale and North PHX are areas where they are comparitively priced like LA, then you have the East Valley cities that are built up and homes can be found in the 300K - 400K range, and in the West Valley it ranges from the 100K - 400K range, and in the far off areas like Casa Grande, Maricopa, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Florence, and Buckeye homes there are cheap in the 100K to 200K range as well. Right now, it's a depressed market, where it's easier to find a cheap home because there's too many homes for sale than there are buyers.

    The economy of the area is made up mainly of service oriented industries, government and retail and recently construction. There's little technical and technology oriented jobs but since Arizona State University is located in Tempe, AZ (suburb south of PHX) and has four campuses spread out throughout the metro in the West Valley, at downtown and the Polytechnic campus in Mesa, technical and technology jobs are becoming much more available.

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    Phoenix is a great place to live, for one we have the cheapest gas prices in the country, there are also many beautiful mountains and lakes scattered around. There are also lots of nice people here and the weather is great. It very rarely snows during the winter and during the summer it is great weather to go swimming and to enjoy the water. There are also many other great things in phoenix.

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    Yes, it's great.

    The economy is nice, although we are in a little bit of a slump like the rest of the nation. Cost of living is very cheap - it's like California without the price tag (and some extra heat). Our primary industry is homebuilding though, if that gives you any idea of what it's like here - we are growing out of control because people like you decide to move here. I think that says something about us though, we must have something good if so many people want to come here.

    It is definitely one of the cheapest housing markets in the country.

    Diversity really depends on what area you live in. Phoenix is one of the least racially segregated metropolitan areas in the country, although we have smaller numbers of African Americans and Asians than many larger metro areas, but we make up for it in our relatively large percentage of Native Americans.

    The Phoenix metro area is 61.5% non-Hispanic White, 29% Hispanic, 4.3% African American, 2.7% Asian American, 2.2% Native American, and 1.6% Biracial and Multiracial. Among those of us who are religious, we are 38.1% Catholic, 32.5% Protestant, 11% Mormon, 4.3% Jewish, 0.7% Muslim, and the rest belong to other groups or are not affiliated with a particular congregation.

    Almost anywhere you live here, you will interact with all sorts of people of all different ages, colors, and religions on a daily basis.

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    phoenix is a great place to live.

    you can get used to the heat quickly becuase there is no humidity.. and there is plenty to do because it is the 5th largest cit in america. very rich is places like scottdale, and not so much in places like glendale, but overall it is very comfortable.

    living in north phoenix/north scottsdale is the most ideal.

    cave creek/carefree is a very nice area.

    taxes are much lower that on the east coast and the people are very friendly.

    winters are cold enough to be a change from the heat but very tolerable.

    there is always a gorgeous view in any direction.

    and sunsets are absurdly beautiful.

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    I have relatives who live near Phoenix Arizona and it is a great place to live. I visited them for about a month last summer. There is always something to do.

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    urban sprawl. it's nice to visit but I hated growing up there. diversity? um not really. hot as hell in the summer, mild winters, amazing fall and spring. you'll miss rain and grass and trees. affordable to live, cheap rent, cheap food. hope you don't mind buying everything from big box retailers because small businesses are virtually non-existent. you will never talk to your neighbors. you will never walk anywhere. you will go from air conditioning to air conditioning all day. you will drive and drive and drive and drive...

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    is just awesome great place to live nice ppl and great stores , now if u want a great place to live near to the ocean go to baja california mexico is just amazing cup cake

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    Personally, I like Tucson much more than Phoenix. The weather is much hotter in Phoenix. In Phoenix and Tucson I guess there are the same type of people. So, idkk. I just love Tucson more than Tucson.

    Oh, and the fact that ASU is there, basically ruins Phoenix. :]]

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    People here are very rude and disrespectful, driving here has to be the most stressful thing. it is not as cheap as it used to be, i would look at suburbs like surprise or gilbert.

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