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Famous American Speakers....?

I have to write an essay on a famous speech. What speaker should I pick...

Sen. Daniel Webster

Sen. Henry Clay

Sen. John C. Calhoun

Booker T Washington

Theodore Roosevelt

Malcolm X

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Sen. Robert LaFollette

Woodrow Wilson

Eugene V Debs

Marcus Garvey

Sen. Hillary Clinton

Sen. Robert F Kennedy

Thurgood Marshall

Sen. John Kerry

Dennis Banks

William Clinton

Clarence Darrow, Esq.

Calvin Coolidge

Rev. Oral Roberts

Sen. Huey Long

John L Lewis

Vice Pres. Hubert Humphrey

Brian Tracy

Lyndon Johnson

Cesar Chavez

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Sen. Joseph McCarthy

Rep. Shirley Chisholm

Edward R. Murrow

Sen. Elizabeth Dole

Angela Davis

Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Ronald Reagan

Rep. Barbara Jordan

Margaret Sanger

Gov. Adlai E Stevenson II

Sen. Margaret Chase Smith

Norman Thomas

Gov. George Wallace

Rep. Newt Gingrich

Will Rogers

Richard Nixon

Bishop Fulton J Sheen

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Franklin D Roosevelt

Rev Billy Graham

Sen. Barry Goldwater

Dwight D Eisenhower

Mark Twain

Tony Robbins

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    wow what a list. there are too many good ones to choose from but i would pick either gen. douglas macarthur, ronald reagan, or teddy roosevelt.

    Source(s): us army, military police
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    Famous American Speakers

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    That's an impressive list, but I would say Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech is the most famous speech of all time.

    Check it out on youtube.

    Eugene Debs "While there is a lower class, I am in it" speech at a Union rally in 1918 is also very powerful.

    And then there is General Patton's memorable speech to the US troops before D Day.

    again, check it out on youtube, you will find it both inspiring and funny!

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    i think Franklin D Roosevelt he was an amazing person and a GREAT speaker. or Sen. Robert LaFollette "Fighting Bob" he was a great progressivist (is that the right word? 'progressivist'.) He had very progressive ideas.

    or how about George Bush he's a really good speaker!

    that was a joke, Bush is a blabbering idiot.

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    FDR. Great man, and I'm right leaning.

    Don't buy into that he knew about Pearl Harbor beforehand.

    Source(s): "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."
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    Didnt think they had any

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