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Does anyone know about this? whats the meaning?

Im hoping, today being St Patricks Day and all, that someone feels like sharing the luck and helping me with this.

I know, I know, this is going to sound nuts, but still...

I went to this Irish dance concert the other night, a group called The Magic of Ireland. Well, I got there late and was told to stay in the foyer coz it was sold out, but I went in anyway. At the end, it was strange, it was like when curtain calls came, the entire stage went blank except the principal tapper.

Then, when everyone was leaving I was going to my friend who had stayed in the foyer, but before I got there, a lady who was sitting on the bench next to him touched my arm, looked right at me, and said "Hes here, you know"...and I tried to walk away thinking she was just weird but she pulled me back and said it again just the same, "Hes here, you know".So I got to my friend and told him about it, but he said there had never been a lady next to him at all.So all the dancers came out to the merch table after


the show, and I talked with him for a minute or two.

The thing was, I didnt realize what the lady had been talking about until I was already back in the car, and my friend refused to go back.

So I looked them up through several search engines online and havent found him anywhere.

I cant get what the lady said out of my head...Ive got to find him. I know, I know, it sounds nuts, right?

But my mom says she was an angel...could this be true?

I dont even know whether I like the guy, its not even like that that much...I just have never EVER been so boggled by such a thing, and its messing me up.

Please me find him...I need to know!!!

You can email me if you do want to help.

Thank you =)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My best answer would be for you to seek advice in the Alternative under the Math & Science category.

    That section deals with the paranormal.

    Or perhaps it the meaning is He is here, refering to Jesus Christ. In which case you'd ask in the Religion and Spirituality. -lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe who she was referring to was the Lord of the Dance, that famous Irish Dancer Michael Flaherty. Maybe he was there for a surprise visit.

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  • 1 decade ago

    wait was he a dancer? ...because i irish dance and it probably wouldn't be tooo terribly hard to find him......where are you from because there are irish dance schools all over america and ireland well almost everywhere but their different schools and they all do shows everywhere on st. patty's suggestion would be to go back to where they were and ask the person in charge of the whole thing!...................may i ask who she's talking about.....who's here?

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  • Akyer
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    1 decade ago

    can i email u my picture honey bunny =P and the meaning is love!!!!!!!is surprised u eeh princess =P

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