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somone stol my xbox 360 so should i get an elite or ps3?

im thinkin about a ps3 but i still have some 360 stuff

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    Neither. Go find that little craphead, beat his a** and get your xbox 360 back!

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    I also have a XBox 360 and that i've got not any problems with out scratch issues nor the different considerable issues. I had the ingredient for nearly 2 years now and that i for my section pleased with it. in case you do get the extra recent consoles now, plenty much less danger of having those issues because Microsoft has been working the kinks out of them. The PS3 is purely too high priced and the video games are mediocre. i could fairly get a 360 through fact this is extra fee-effective and has been out for a whilst so there is an huge interest library. Plus, I in lots of situations tell somebody until now they get the console to get a replace guarantee. MS is basic for undesirable guarantee provider so get the save guarantee so if it ever breaks down, you may replace it for loose.

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    Probably a 360 since you already have stuff.

    Some facts:


    - Up to 4 controllers maxed.

    - Best online service to date (Xbox Live), but you have to pay monthly or yearly. It's like $50 a year, $8 per month, and $20 per 3 months.

    - Ton of games. Best known for its shooters like Halo 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Gears of War, Call of Duty 4 (also on PS3), etc. (But some of these shooting games are also on PC like Gears of War, COD4, and Bioshock)

    - You can play HD-DVD if you have the HD-DVD drive otherwise you can't.

    - You need to buy a separate wireless adapter to go online.

    - Has HDMI 1.2.

    - Better graphics (not sure). It's debatable.

    - Upgradeable hard drive.

    - Can store music, pictures, and videos.

    - High failure rate.

    - Controllers have vibration. Can be wired or wireless.


    - Games come in a variety of genres. Not many good games now but they're coming.

    - Supports up to 7 wireless controllers. All wireless.

    - Flash card readers.

    - Can store music, pictures, and videos.

    - Has HDMI 1.3a.

    - Built-in Wi-Fi for wireless internet connection.

    - Built-in bluetooth. Therefore you can use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse so you can use it like a computer.

    - Free online service/gameplay. Home coming out soon which is like a virtual world sort of like the Sims.

    - Upgradeable hard drive. (Easier to do than the Xbox)

    - Can interact a PSP with it.

    - Can play PS2 and PS1 games. (Except for the 40GB model which can't play PS2 games.)

    - Built-in blu-ray player. Games built on blu-ray which has more capacity than Xbox's DVDs.

    - More powerful engine/CPU (Cell Processor), but so far no one has tapped into that power.

    - SIXAXIS/Dualshock 3 controller. SIXAXIS allows you to twist and turn the controller and the game will react to it while the Dualshock 3 gives you vibration. In a way it's similar to an Xbox and Wii controller combined.

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    I don't like PS3, not very many games to choose from to tell you the truth. Unless you are a big RPG fan, I would'nt advise it. If it were me, I'd go out and buy an elite, they aren't that much more than a regular 360. Much better games in my opinion, and more variety. (I've been a Sony fan, now a Microsoft fan.)

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    I'd get an elite. You will get to play all the games that you already paid for, plus Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, GTA 4 (with downloadable content) this year.

  • Blu Ray won the hi def war. Get a Ps3

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    ps3. trust me ps3 has bluray. a bunch of games. lighter controlers than 360. no batteries.internet like you can go to youtube watch videos.good games like saw the game coming out burn out tekken street fighter army of 2 rainbow six. how did ur xbox get stolen

    Source(s): i have a ps3.
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    Definately a ps3. it has bluetooth, wi-fi, memory stick input and lots and lots of gigas and it has an online games store!

    (id recomend warhawk). but get an 80 or 60 g ps3 cuz there compatible w/ ps2 and psx format.

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    ive had the PS3 and didnt care for it to much,so i bought the ELITE,dude!i love it,if the 360 were crack...i would be a crack head...:)

    man get a wont be disapointed.

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    Get a ps3...I'm gonna get one this week and I hear its the best game system around...hav fun.

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