steaming vegetables?

supposedly cooking food ruins the nutrients but what about steaming your vegetables?

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    it depends on your veggies, I read a book that says if you are cooking spinach to only use a little bit of water, like a fourth of a cup because if you over water them you loose all the vitamin A and if you cook broccoli in large amounts of water you will destroy many of the nutrients.. Steaming or stir frying are your best bets, they preserve texture and flavor and minimize the loss of water slouble vitamins. Only cook until it is alittle tender, that is why when making soup you put the veggies in last so you will still be able to get a lot of the nutrients. In a lot of the grocery stores they are now making frozen veggies in steam pack or you can go out and purchase a colapsable steamer for 5 bucks, or you can get those zip lock bags that are steam fresh, buts its expensive and I love my colapsable steamer. So remember when you are steaming veggies only use small amounts of water.

    Source(s): Reader's Digest Food's that Harm Food's that heal, an A to Z guide to everything in Food. This book teachs you about what food's have which vitamins, how to cook them, how when you cook to not destroy the nutrients. It talks about what food prevent certain kinds of cancers, food poisioning and what to eat when you have it, contipation, etc... a great book to have around the house.
  • Steaming is good. But I read somewhere that cooking carrots increases the bioavailability of the nutrients. I'm surprised the Flex Veg troll hasn't mentioned that yet.

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    Steaming is the healthy way to go when cooking vegetables, while you still lose some nutritional value, it is better to steam...

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    If you don't steam them to death (mushy) then they are still good for you, not as good as raw..but still good, the trick is to not over cook (steam) them

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    i think it's the best option, just don't cook them to death.

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