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Mike Gravel?

Why does the media not mention him at all? I believe he is still in the race?

They always say the two democratic candidates Obama and Clinton but there are actually three

Not alot of people vote for him, I did but why dont people like him?

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    There is an aversion to thinking for oneself. There is an aversion to facing truth and taking responsibility. Maybe it is because he read the Pentagon Papers into the congressional record. Maybe because he believes that the people should vote for their laws as they do their politicians. maybe because he is socially evolved and politically mature and people do not want to hold themselves to such high standard.

    Perhaps the whole political process is window dressing after all. A well coordinated passion play where the powers that be lead the unsuspecting by the nose.

    Mike Gravel has to be sure has put some things on the table which the vigilent among us will be mindful. Whomever wins the presidency will be as mindful and seek his consul.

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    He is ok. I'm a Republican so I disagree on social policy / tax issues, but at least he gives the Constitution more than lip service.

    I think there should be a public service series of debates before primaries start, sort of a 'meet the candidates' series, equal time for all. Free press was supposed to guaranty that all opinions got air time, not to squelch those the media monopolies didn't want to air. I wouldn't constrain media, but I do think it might need neutral supplementation when it comes to elections. Sort of a TV 'voter's handbook' if you will.

    I'm voting for Ron Paul, myself.

    Good luck to you and your candidate.

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    Never heard of him? But my vote is on Clinton, Obama is too!!!! New!!!!

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    I thought he was out?

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