How about a story that includes 6 song titles...One from 6 different COUNTRY SINGERS?

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    Dodge City, Kansas

    Circa 1873

    "I don't give a %$#@#@ (1) If Tomorrow Never Comes." Matt has ALWAYS been my (2) Uptown Downhome Good Ol' Boy!! I want him baaaaaaaaaack !! shouted Miss Kitty as she took another swig of her Randy Scouse Git Rotgut. Suddenly she dropped to the floor. " Oh, Lord....I am (3)Down on My Knees. (4) How Do I Live without him?!"

    (Kitty had never reconciled herself to the fact that Sunshine was now the woman in Marshal Matt Dillon's life.) Just before she fell (5) Flat on the Floor , Kitty cried out, (6) "I Cross My Heart ....... I'll do whatEVER it takes to have him back in my lonely arms!!"

    Doc Adams walked into the Long Branch and saw Kitty .(7) "Baby You Belong in my office. ...Now stand up and come with me. Just take it easy and (8) Breathe. You'll be okay, dear. Kitty looked up at her old friend. "Doc? (9) The Only Thing That I Have Left is my broken heart and my broken pride." Doc tried comforting her as he led her to a chair."Kitty? You need to take a break from all of this sorrow.

    Heck ....... (10) That's Why God Made Mexico. Why don't you and a friend hop on down there and have a little fun?"

    Kitty wiped her eyes with her sleeve. " You know....(11) What Hurts The Most is that he left me for that deranged Sunshine!!! Doc!! She is NOT a normal person!!!" She paused briefly.

    (12) "My Wish is for that lunatic to leave Dodge and go back to the hills of Virginia...... SOON!!" Doc spoke soothingly as he pushed open the swinging doors for her. "I know, Kitty. I know."

    Sam the bartender had been watching the whole thing. He turned to two drunks at the bar. "You know........ **My Worst Fear is that she drinks herself into oblivion."

    The first drunk raised his glass as if in a toast.....** "Jesus Take The Wheel."

    The second drunk pondered this for a second......"Well, (HIC) .... The thang is.....** "She's In Love With The Boy."

    Source(s): (I included 2 songs from 6 people.) 1. Garth Brooks 2. Garth Brooks 3. Trisha Yearwood 4. Trisha Yearwood 5. George Strait 6. George Strait 7. Faith Hill 8. Faith Hill 9. Tim McGraw 10. Tim McGraw 11. Rascal Flatts 12. Rascal Flatts THREE EXTRA TITLES ARE IN THE LAST PARAGRAPH.
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  • Char
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    Char loves The Chair by George Strait; The Dance by Garth Brooks; I'm gonna Miss Her by Brad Paisley; The Shake by Neal McCoy; Old Flames by Mark Chesnutt; Little Bitty by Alan Jackson, and many, many others!!!!


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  • If I Had Two Dozen Roses (Shenandoah), I would give them to My Best Friend (Tim McGraw), My Sister (Reba). She would be the Lucky One(Faith Hill) because I would tell her that I will love her Like Red on a Rose (Alan Jackson) and that she will be with in my heart Forever and For Always (Shania Twain).

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    as everyone knows George and Tammy were married a short,both being 2 of my fav.s,and broke my heart when patsy crashed into a mt. leaving behind ,one of the greatest women to ever sing,George and Tammy sang hold on ,while patsy wailed out sweet dreams,lets not for get little old butcher holler,Loretta,so many songs of inspiration its to many to count,my little darling dolly,met her in Nashville,my aunt make all her clothes for yrs,but the one and only,I'm so lonesome i could cry ,yeap its hank.put to rest in Montgomery,Ala,surely missed by all,i no its not much of a story,just a tribute to some of the greatest,but by far,not al of them

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  • Lynn
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    Please, HAVE MERCY, I didnt mean to go CRAZY when I thought you were cheating. I know I walked around singing a WHISKEY LULLABY all the time. But it was ONLY IN MY MIND, i'm really just an ALL-AMERICAN GIRL, it was only jealousy. Please don't go. I'M ONLY ME WHEN I'M WITH YOU........

    The End LOL

    Source(s): The Judds, Patsy Cline, Brad Paisley, Reba Macintyre, Taylor Swift.
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