what does magic have to do with green eyes?

i have read 2 books now where they mention people who have seen magic or deal with it have green eyes, or their eyes turn green, do you know about this or is the two books just a coinsidence?

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    Those of us with green eyes are of the higher order of beings that are descended directly from the Battle of the Luciferian Conquest. We have the ability to look into the souls of mere mortals and descern their intentions. We are seeers of the the Soul Realm and have the ability to change the outcome of providence. If a green eyed person learns of the power and ability that he or she posesses, they can change the tides of the Universal Influence, The One Mind and the Gods of any religions that exist. We are and will always be the the Infinite Superior Life Force on this planet and in the Universes upon Universes. Learn of your own greatness if you are among the blessed to be born with this genetic superiority that exalts you above the common man.

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    In most cases, this is just the idea of a witch with a cat as a familiar. It is assumed that a familiar should have green eyes, if it is in human form. But this is but a rumor, for there have been many familiars and witches alike with blue, hazel, and brown eyes.

    Of course, it is thought that people with green eyes are more susceptible to magic.


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    Green eyes are rare and unusual. Unusual objects tend to stir the imagination and stories abound. The assumption that green eyes are "magical" in nature probably came from the Emerald Isle itself. Leprechauns and banshees are common folklore in Ireland. If you want to find out if they really exist you'll need to ask a veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrry sober Irishman. LOL!!!

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    There are a few cultures that sees green eyes as a sign of something magical happening in that person life... LIke the ancient Greek, the Chinese and a Middle Eastern culture.... There was one culture in Eastern Europe where all the Kings had to have green or hazel eyes in order for them to rule that land.......................

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    nicely, till there is a few stress appearing on the gene frequency in the inhabitants, we would anticipate it to consistently stay the comparable. In different words, till there's a good element that green-eyed human beings get greater of or a foul element that they get much less of, there'll in all probability consistently be as many green-eyed human beings as there at the instant are. in case you think of approximately that, it explains to 3 quantity the quite a few phenomenon of eye colour. If we've a manner of lifestyles the place one eye colour is continuously seen as greater beautiful than yet another, then we would anticipate it to return to dominate in that way of lifestyles. yet on the grounds that no way of lifestyles is customary, it can be a only community effect. Now there grow to be a learn as quickly as that confirmed that blue-eyed human beings have been much less services to seasonal affective illness. It grow to be theory that possibly their eyes have been greater comfortable to incoming easy at iciness. and additionally, in intense-glare circumstances that's brown-eyed people who've a reasonable benefit. possibly there's a (uncommon) effect like that for green eyes that helps it to do somewhat greater helpful in the (uncommon) atmosphere the place it exists. For the checklist, nonetheless, DNA is far off from being all decoded and 'found out'. all of us comprehend somewhat plenty the sequence and form of genes, yet not even vaguely what maximum of them do, nor the form and forms of adjustments for each gene. whether we knew all of this, it does not let us know precisely the place each and every got here from or why. you're actual leaping the gun to declare that technological know-how can not provide you the respond so it is going to be mystical.

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    I got green eyes i cant see any magic

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    i always thought green eyes were associated with jealousy like the green eyed monster but it dint matter wot eye colour eyes you have to practice magic

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  • MSB
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    1 decade ago

    Real magic has nothing to do with eye color.

    That's just fiction... green is the rarest eye color so of course legends get attached.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have green eyes, Awsome.

    But no, Nothing to do with your ability to do magic.

  • 1 decade ago

    Nah- - that's just stories. Your eye color has nothing to do with ability to perform magic.

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