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Anne Frank Info?

This isn't homework or anything, but I just want to know some general information and answers to these questions.

1. Who was Anne Frank?

2. Who were her family members?

3. Who shared the attic with her and her family?

4. Where is the attic?

5. When were the families in the attic?

6. What is the attic now?

7. Any other additional/random info on Anne Frank.

Any info is greatly appreciated!

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    1. Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank (June 12, 1929 – early March 1945) was a German-born Jewish girl from the city of Frankfurt, who wrote a diary while in hiding with her family, the Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer in Amsterdam during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II.

    2.Anne was the second daughter of Otto Heinrich Frank (1889–1980) and Edith Holländer (1900–45). Margot Frank (1926–45) was her older sister.

    3.On the morning of Monday, July 6, 1942, the family moved into the hiding place. Their apartment was left in a state of disarray to create the impression that they had left suddenly, and Otto Frank left a note that hinted they were going to Switzerland. In late July, the Franks were joined by the van Pels family: Hermann, Auguste, and 16-year-old Peter, and then in November by Fritz Pfeffer, a dentist and friend of the family.

    4.The main building, situated a block from the Westerkerk, in Amsterdam, was nondescript, old and typical of buildings in the area.

    5. From July 1942 until the morning of August 4, 1944, when the Achterhuis (attic house) was stormed by the German Security Police following a tip-off from an informer who was never identified. The Franks, van Pelses and Pfeffer were taken to the Gestapo headquarters where they were interrogated and held overnight. On August 5, they were transferred to the Huis van Bewaring (House of Detention), an overcrowded prison on the Weteringschans. Two days later they were transported to Westerbork. Ostensibly a transit camp, by this time more than 100,000 Jews had passed through it. Having been arrested in hiding, they were considered criminals and were sent to the Punishment Barracks for hard labor.

    6. The Anne Frank House Museum.... On May 3, 1957, a group of citizens, including Otto Frank, established the Anne Frank Stichting in an effort to rescue the Prinsengracht building from demolition and to make it accessible to the public. The Anne Frank House opened on May 3, 1960. It consists of the Opekta warehouse and offices and the Achterhuis, all unfurnished so that visitors can walk freely through the rooms. Some personal relics of the former occupants remain, such as movie star photographs glued by Anne to a wall, a section of wallpaper on which Otto Frank marked the height of his growing daughters, and a map on the wall where he recorded the advance of the Allied Forces, all now protected behind Perspex sheets.

    7. go here and you can read more about her fascinating life!!!

    Source(s): I have been to the Anne Frank house and you can "feel" here there.... it's an amazing place.
  • 1.) Teenage diarist who wrote in her diary over a two year period.

    2.) Otto Frank- Father

    Edith Frank- Mother

    Margo Frank- Sister (older)

    3.) Herman van Pels, Auguste van Pels, Peter van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer.

    4.) Pristingradt (sp?) street. Near a canal in Holland.

    5.) The Franks went into hiding sometime in July 1942. The van Pels joined them 2 weeks later and I think a couple months later, Fritz Pfeffer joined them.

    6.) It's now a museum. Still in it's original location.

    7.) Anne Frank as well as everyone else who were hiding were all arrested on August 4, 1944. Upon arrival, the Gestapo ransacked the entire attic. Her diary a well as her other papers were strewn all over the floor. Miep found her diary and saved it for her until Anne would come back.

    Everyone spent 3 days in the local jail. After the third day, they were taken to the train station along with other Jewish families. They were transported to Westerbork Transit Camp in northern Holland.

    Because the Franks were hiding, they were considered criminals and were assigned the barracks that housed people who hid from the Nazi regime. At Westorbork, Otto tried though unsuccessfully to have his daughters do kitchen duties. Instead Anne, Margo, Edith and Auguste worked in a battery dismantling plant.

    One month later, the whole entire family was deported to Auschwitz- Bierkenau concentration camp. Upon arrival, men were separated from women. Anne had to completely strip off all her clothes, her hair was completely cut off, and she had a number tattooed on her left arm. She and her sister were assigned to live in the scabies block because Anne contracted scabies. Six weeks later, her and Margot were sent to Bergen- Belsen.

    At Bergen- Belsen, Margot was becoming weaker and weaker. Anne herself was becoming sick but she fought to take care of Margot. Sometime in February or March, Margot died of malnutrition. A few days later, Anne died of typhus.

    Source(s): Melissa Mueller's book. Studied extensively on The Holocaust.
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    she was a girl who hid in a secret annex during the holocaust(while keeping a diary).

    Mom, dad, and sister

    The Vaan Daan family with there son Peter and some other guy, i forget his name.

    I think from the beginning of the war, and then they were there for 2 years.

    its in holland

    she wanted to become a writer!!

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    Heh. Looks exactly like a homework assignment.

    A quick search on Wikipedia should give you your answers.

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