Celebrating St Patricks Day - Racist?! :S?


I heard that last year, when we were celebrating St. Patricks Day, Immagrants were complaining and saying it was racist?!

We wern't aloud to wear England tops or go around with England Flags because it was "inpolitically correct"

Am i the only person who thinks this is completely stupid?

And if you are one of those pople who thinks its "racist" please tell me why! whats wrong with british people celebrating an English occassion?


i know its not an english occassion, i know its irish, im not bloody stupid so yoo dont need to tell me :S

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    1st st Patricks day is not an English occasion and i'm with you on the wtf! Its like the talk in parliament about not being allowed to say merry christmas as we might offend people of a diff. faith who are british?- dnt knwo if anyone heard about that.

    p.s. you saying immigrants sounds racist. Try 'not british' and reside here next time. Not being politically correct, but it just sounds better and you cant be sure you wouldnt cause offense but get ur point across just the same.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    People seem a little agitated in replying to this...!

    First off I'm Irish and I honestly don't see the racism involved. I mean, wouldn't it only be racist if the British WEREN'T celebrating st Patrick's day? and booing those who were?!?

    Some of the replies make no sense at all, St Patrick although the patron saint of Ireland, was born in England! That's like telling everyone that they can't celebrate Halloween because it originated in Ireland!!

    Seriously, the dude "seerdet" to get a life and enter this century!! He seems to be the only racist one here and it really annoys me what he said!

    The point is, don't you think that we've moved on from all this hostility?? whats wrong with English people wearing English jerseys on Paddy's day?? does that mean Americans cant wear American jerseys? that everyone around the world who celebrates it has to wear an Irish jersey??!?!

    I'm ranting now so I apologise but for people to infer that it's racist is just ridiculous!!!


  • Salish
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    1 decade ago

    I think its because of the dark English history in Ireland. If you have ever seen the movie "Brave Heart", "The new world"or "rabbit proof fence" you might understand. The English (and many other European countries) invaded Ireland, Scotland, America, Mexico, South America, Australia and many other places, where they massacred as many of the Native populations as they could. Just about every definition of Genocide can be applied to English treatment of the Irish a few hundred years ago. That's probably why the Irish immigrants are offended by English patriotism on St. Patricks day. Though St. Patrick was Roman, he did his mission work in Ireland, and became the patron saint of Ireland. He brought Christianity in a peaceful way to the Irish in a time when the English were invading Ireland. I don't think they should be offended on Saint Patricks day by people sporting Englands flag, they are in England after all, but I think this is WHY they are, wheather they should be or not.

  • Daisy
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    1 decade ago

    It's a Saint's Feast Day for goodness sake! There is nothing racist about it. It's a celebration of Irish heritage. Perhaps those that think it's racist should study up on the history of Ireland and those who immigrated to other countries (like America and Australia).

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  • Lady
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    1 decade ago

    It's absolutely NOT racist!! I am so sick of people making a fuss over things like this. I really am. I'm brown, and I think it's a great feast day and I celebrate it! And I'm tired of people always thinking they have to politcally correct around me just because I'm brown. Yes, I'm proud of my heritage, but I'll wave the Canadian flag, and you know what? I ALWAYS have a Canadian flag outside my home, while my Canadian neighbours put one up for Canada Day, if that. If I were in England, I'd put up the Union Jack (do they still call it that?). It's ridiculous you can't fly your own flag.

    Source(s): But isn't St Patty's Irish?
  • Gem*
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    1 decade ago

    St Patricks Day isn't an English occasion!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    St Patrick was BRITISH not Irish we have more right to celebrate him than the irish - and if the irish want to dissasociate themselves completely from the british why dont they give up pubs and stout both introduced into ireland by imperial british, alltheir writers are descended from british colonisers viz shaw, swift ,yeats maybe they should bin them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    St. Patrick has nothing to do with the Brits....

    What people forget is that this holiday is celebrating

    a man who sought to rid his country of Pagans who did

    nothing but believe in a faith different than his own.

    If anything, it is a holiday that celebrates religious intolerance.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    St. Patricks Day is not an English occassion.

    If you got masses of Irish People arrive to St. Georges Day celebrations in green and waving the tricolour you might then wonder Wtf.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well firstly,St.Patricks day is a Irish Celebration(Even though England owned Ireland).

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