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Fun shower or romantic bath?

I met my gf about 2 months ago. She agreed to taking a shower and a bath with me. I was wondering which one should I choose since my relationship with her is kinda new. I go to work at 1 in the afternoon, and no one is at home in the morning from 9-11 or 11:30. She says that we should take a bath at first to get to be comfortable with each other's bodies and such. What do you all think? shower or bath? By the way, she has showered with someone before, but she has never taken a bath with anyone.

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    Do the bath since she mentioned it.. If she is more comfortable doing the bath then it will be more enjoyable for both of you cause you won't be worried if she is not liking it!

    And yes you guys can use bubbles that will help cover up in a bath then if you guys were in a shower.

    Have fun!! ;)

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    I'd rather have a fun shower. That way it's more playful and you'll have a good time doing it, but a romantic bath would be nice too. Since she's never had the bath with someone before, try that.

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    A bath once you guys get comfortable then have fun in the shower.

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    Fun shower

  • loch
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    i've got executed the two, and that i understand the place she's coming from with prefering the tub. once you're taking a tub collectively, somebody who could desire to be extremely insecure with their physique can "cover" under the water. you purely do no longer see as plenty, relatively with bubbles. yet in a tub, you're purely status thoroughly bare in front of one yet another, with each and every thing putting out and visual. a tub is extra sensual with the water. Showers collectively are great once you already know one yet another nicely and are preparing at as quickly as on a similar time, yet a tub is extra romantic. I vote tub.

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    Go with bath

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    Fun shower. Easier to touch and pleasure one another.

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    youd want to get comfortable with eachother first... trust me. then you could go with the shower. ^.^

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