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Is Windows Firewall (XP Home) okay or do I need to install something else?

If I need something else, please recommend something?

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    Windows Firewall covers inbound traffic only, which is only half the protection you need.

    Plus, it is very limited in the configuration options available.

    My choice it to either go with Zone Alarm (from Zone Labs) or use the full internet package for F-Secure which includes a decent Firewall.

    Some of the options that you need to have (found in both of these packages) are:

    - Inbound firewall protection

    - Outbound... (in case of malware attempting to send info out without your knowledge...your malware protection is only as good as your last update, so this is an added level of protection)

    - ability to specify a subnet that's allowed to connect to your machine (as in you home network)

    - ability to prevent specific machine from accessing your machine (did so to prevent my son's gaming machine from having access to my home business machine years ago...saved me plenty of grief)

    Those are just the basic settings...there's so much more such as pre-approval/denial of specific apps to have access to the iNet. I used this to allow RealPlayer to download and play audio, but not server demographic info up to AOL's servers.

    I hope this helps...

    Michael McLaughlin @ Iron Oak IT inc., Calgary, AB

    Source(s): Zone Alarm Firewall FREE VERSION: Download tab... Zone Alarm Firewall Free Version (right hand column).
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    The Windows XP firewall is only one directional; it blocks incoming traffic but not out-going. What this means is that if any malware gets into your system, it is then free to send out any info that it wants and the Windows firewall will do nothing to stop it... by default it isn't even intended to. A firewall must be bi-directional to be effective.

    My suggestion for a person new to firewalls is Zone Alarm's Free Firewall:

    > Zone Alarm Free Firewall:

    But if you have a little experience and aren't intimidated by a firewall that will be naggy for a week or so, then the Comodo Firewall Pro is one of the best firewalls available (and it is also free.)

    > Comodo Firewall Pro:

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    I dont like it, you dont have as many options as I would like. Get yourself PC TOOLS FIREWALL PLUS W/ Threat Fire Protection. Its a good free package.

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