Can I print MEdia Mail labels at I only ssee Priority and Express mail options?


Is there anywhere I can print Media Mail postage for free. (I pay actual postage cost, of course) I mean without a monthly fee for the privledge???

Update 2:

Found it thank you, sorry about not looking closer sooner. ;-)

Update 3:

OK, I downloaded it, installed it, and called for help and shipping assistant will NOT print with postage

Update 4:

So the question remains, I guess, there a place on line to print postage without paying a monthly fee?

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    No, you can't print or purchase media mail postage from the Click n Ship web interface at the U.S.P.S. Website.

    You can, however download their Shipping Assistant software client (free to d/l and use) and after installing and registering, you can then print:

    The United States Postal Service® Shipping Assistant prints labels without postage for:

    * Express Mail service

    * Express Mail Flat Rate Envelope

    * Priority Mail service

    * Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope

    * Priority Mail Flat Rate Box

    * First Class Mail Parcel

    * Bound Printed Matter

    * Library Mail

    * Media Mail

    * Parcel Post

    * Express Mail International

    * Priority Mail International

    * First Class Mail International

    When you create a label, you can also select (depending on the service):

    * Signature Confirmation

    * Delivery Confirmation

    You can also print media mail labels from Paypal if you already have a Paypal account.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Can I print MEdia Mail labels at I only ssee Priority and Express mail options?

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    4 years ago Click N Ship

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    Shipping Assistant does not print Postage. That is why it is free.

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