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What do the roman numerals on this piece of jewellery mean?

I have never been into jewellery much, but my boyfriend buys me stuff all the time. He always buys white gold, usually from Tiffany's, and has great taste, but yesterday he gave me this necklace with a pendant that I don't understand. I found a link for a replica version of it. The chain is different but the pendant is exactly the same. I thought maybe you are suposed to customize the numbers... I don't know. Anyone else have any ideas? You can click on the link to see what it looks like but the numbers are 3, 6, 12



I'm an idiot, sorry. Here's the link:

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    I scoured their website and googled them to death and I can't figure it out. Maybe it's just random? Either way, it's a pretty pendant. :)

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    There was no link but I am wondering if what you saw was really roman numerals. 3, 6, 12 would be IIIVIXII If that was the case, could it be a clever way to shorten a nickname like Vixen? Perhaps the manufacture would be able to tell you more.

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    Wow, you're a bright one. You never learned roman numerals...

    Tell your boyfriend to buy you simplier gifts with big letters and bright colors so you can understand better

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    You forgot the link.

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    seems to corralate to time in referencing,,

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