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Happy St Patricks Day everyone!?

To make this a religious question, why did St Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland? Bottoms up everyone!

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    Thanks, HAPPY ST. PADDY's to you too!!!

    he drove out the snakes (standing for pagan religions) and thus, brought christianity to ireland..."hoorah". oh well,...


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    Happy St. Patrick's Day.

    Patrick in legend

    Pious legend credits Patrick with banishing snakes from the island, though post-glacial Ireland never actually had snakes;[37] one suggestion is that snakes referred to the serpent symbolism of the Druids of that time and place, as shown for instance on coins minted in Gaul (see Carnutes), or that it could have referred to beliefs such as Pelagianism, symbolized as “serpents”. Legend also credits Patrick with teaching the Irish about the concept of the Trinity by showing people the shamrock, a 3-leaved clover, using it to highlight the Christian belief of 'three divine persons in the one God' (as opposed to the Arian belief that was popular in Patrick's time). Whether or not these legends are true, the very fact that there are so many legends about Patrick shows how important his ministry was to Ireland.

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    Thanks! Happy St. Paddy's Day to you, too!

    Poppy: See Ravinna's answer on who St. Patrick was, and what he did. As for the holiday, it's the National holiday of Ireland, and here in the States, it's an excuse for everyone to pretend they're Irish(common saying: eveyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day), color all the food green, and get $hit-faced drunk. Actually, it's mostly about that last part. Entirely about that last part.

    <edit> Even though this isn't a drinking question, I think it's appropriate in this case to toss one back. Cheers!


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    Technically, St. Patrick's Day was on Saturday; I only found this out last night, lol. Apparently it was moved since Easter was so early this year, and you can't have a Saint's Day during Holy Week. But hey, Happy St. Paddy's anyway! ;)

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    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! that just reminded me my friend has this guy that likes her whose name is patrick lol =)

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    I'm just a silly Bosnian who doesn't have a clue what St. Patrick's Day is, but I'll play along.

    Have a happy one!

    edit: OMG, Raptor, that sounds great! Me wants LOL

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    I've got my "Mickey's" going, at least the bottle is green.

    My answer: it was merely a myth but still a "Happy" occasion!

    Happy St Patricks Day, to you as well

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    You've probably been provided the correct answer.

    It was human snakes, such as me.

    Come and get me, fundies. You're the new Crusaders, just with sunken chests and bad skin.

    Many wear shirts saying "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!"

    I'm having a dour one made, saying "P*** Off, I'm Scottish!"

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    thank you I am going out later to see what's on.

    yes I always wondered that - I like grass snakes and very few people in England where there are vipers ever get bitten.

    But he was a shepherd on Slemish mountain when he did it so maybe the sheep were at risk.

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    Those slippery, slimy things were drinking up all the green beer... Happy St. Patrick's day to you and all! ...from one of the jiggy Irish.:)

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    They were corroding the moral fiber of Ireland-- much like today's atheists, and soviet apologist-leftists. Like the snakes, you too shall be driven out of a land of the great, and the righteous.

    You would do best to refrain from speaking so lightly of a Saint, or you will face judgement before you meet your creator, and we --the true and god-fearing-- will not be as forgiving as He.


    Nico: Hahaha, no no, it's definitely me, kooky-atheist-Emmy. I normally only do this in Winthrop's presence, but I thought Donna F would appreciate it in this case.

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