Imitation Jewellery finds customer in worldwide-USA,GERMANY

I'm working in trading company; we have manufactory in china and set up our sales center in HK. Our main product is Imitation Jewellery. Silver, Brass, Stainless Steel, product with cubic zirconia, pearl...

And existing customers mainly in Asian’s are trading company. We know they mainly trading our product to USA & Germany.

Now we setup a sales office for finding customers from worldwide and directly contact by our office sales.

I’m in charged in Sales Department. My job range is find more order and follow customer order and enquiry. Factory has good production team. I really think they can have more fruitful result than now. And that can help me more easy let my customers feel confidence too.

Did anyone know where I could find serious buyer?

Where I can introduce my company and let buyer know about me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can place your company informations and products photos to B2B trade web-site.

    a very famous and workable web-site:

    a new set-up web-site:

    for my opinion, I perfer to place ad at those web-site rather than pay for magazine ad.

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