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Is the youth justice system effective in Canada

I want to ask is the youth justice system effective in Canada???\

it's one of an answer if yes why, if no why?

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    當它來到少年犯罪, 我真正地反對使用苛刻和壓迫懲治行為。我支持前攝措施的概念譬如提供內部檢查和平衡如此降低少年犯罪的整個社區的節目, 促進少年犯罪嚴肅通過教育等等的更多競選。我相信, 加拿大不做□一個壞工作在這。但它總難確定是否系統是有效的。首先, 您怎麼定義有效? 這是一年對年比較或國家對國家比較嗎? 第二, 有正義的是包含的在系統之內的許多個賭金保管人。罪行戰鬥機、教育家、社區活動中心, 甚至地方街道幫會的活動的水平表現能動搖青年司法系統的定列式的結果。

    按我的個人意見, 系統能保護我, 我的同輩和朋友。並且所以我相信系統應該是有效的。但是由觀看六時新聞, 我能確定地有時看室為在青年司法系統的改善。

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    When it comes to juvenile delinquency, I really oppose to using harsh and oppressive corrective actions. I support the notion of proactive measures such as community wide programs that provide an internal checks and balance thus lowering juvenile crimes, more campaigns that promote the severity of juvenile crimes through education and so on. I believe that Canada is not doing a bad job at this. But it is always difficult to determine whether or not the system is effective. Firstly, how do you define effective? Is it a year to year comparison or a country to country comparison? Secondly, there are just too many stakeholders that are involved within the system. The performance of crime fighters, educators, community centers, or even the level of activity of local street gangs could fluctuate the results of the determinants of the youth justice system.

    In my personal opinion, the system has been able to protect me, my peers and friends. And that is why I believe the system should be effective. However by watching the six o’clock news, sometimes I can definitely see room for improvement in the youth justice system.

    Source(s): The question is a lil vague, this topic will easily cover 20-30 pages~
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