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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

My Son’s Devotion Was Total 翻譯

My Son’s Devotion Was Total

When I adopted Abel in 1971,i was informed that his birth mother was alcoholic, but at the time not even the medical community was aware of the potential consequences when a woman drank-even moderately-during pregnancy. Now, sadly, I know better. Fetal alcohol syndrome [FAS] could be manifested in a variety of symptoms ranging from the physical (heart, hearing and vision problems, neurological impairments, deformation of the brain) to learning deficits affecting abstract thinking and consistent with low I.Q. My son, to one degree or another, had them all.

這篇小段落文章的題目是My Son’s Devotion Was Total


不用翻譯文章喔 謝謝

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    My Son's Devotion Was Total


    total本意為"全部" 在這解作"全毀"

    例: i just had an accident, my car was totalled.

    中譯為: 我剛發生車禍, 我的車子全毀.

    Source(s): 在美十年的自己
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