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幫我翻譯英文ˊˋ 急需

請各位幫我翻譯以下的句子 翻成英文 謝謝^^








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    My specialty is art and English, junior high school

    three years, my art teacher?Am many techniques concerning

    art for me, let me have ability to attend any art game, I once

    attended Chinese painting, sketch, design, version painting,

    outdoor sketch game, once got some awards, once getting

    art in Taichung County as well the game was some awards

    of the flat surface design excellent piece and water Mo painting

    in the second place and school, besides, I am grade three in the junior

    high school passed the examination of full name English test entry-level.

    During the days in the senior high school, because of being along

    with the growth of age, made me more more understand and others'

    way to get along with people, so got along well with classmate in the

    senior high school right away, the activity of senior high school

    also than junior high school many, let me learn a lot of things.

    Go to a senior high school, my fancy to English degree gradually

    increased, hence the English teacher attended a game for my chance,

    I held the post of a decoration helper at that time and ever and got

    classroom decoration in the first place, feeling ever to bathe a close

    kidness special issue handwritten wall posters game championship,

    English speech contest optimization in Gao, in addition to my own

    effort, I also the appreciating the classmate of class attended for my

    this chance, in the process of these activities, they gave of the

    encouragement is my diligent motive force.

    Gao Er4 Dian3 once won a school English speech contest in

    the second place, the spring Lin cup English speech contest


    Gao San Dian3 passes the class firs attempt in the civil English

    check and Fu's trying result hasn't published.

    The outside text(English) is stronger I, often while writing

    grammar or composition, my head quarter feels very happy

    not to think to is a kind of homework, and unconsciously

    English also progressed a few.

    Hesitant is my biggest weakness, this often make my

    speed become slowly, but ever since that time go to a senior high school

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    嗯嗯 我知道^^


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