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Who would u pick?

To start a franchise

Who would u pick in the Regular season

In the Post Season PLAYOFFS

PG. Rafear Alston

SG. Micheal Redd

SF. Peja Stiocavich

PF. Dirk Novinski

C. Dwight Howard

6th man. Sam Cassel


PG. Chris Paul

SG. Larry Hughes

SF. Ron Artest

PF. Andre Kirelinko

C. Marcus Camby

6th man. Shane Battier

PG. Deron Williams

SG. Vince Carter

SF. Josh Smith

PF. Chris Webber

C. Shaq

6th Man. Boris Diaw

Best answer is the one who explains the positon matchups and the issues from points to blocks to rebounds to aggression to age and Fatigue (How much they get tired)



Good Explanation but I also meant the team you pick out of the 3. So pick 1 of those 3 teams allright.

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    Without a doubt I would pick this team:

    PG. Rafer Alston - Rafer has been doing everything right this year. He is one of the most underrated players in the NBA. He shoots way too much but is a natural leader and still pretty young. Although I would rather have Deron Williams (Better shooter and passer but not as good of a leader) from group 3 and Chris Paul (Better scorer, better passer, not quite old enough for me to consider him a great leader) from group 2, this group I believe is better rounded.

    SG. Micheal Redd - Micheal Redd is the best of the three choices, which were between Vince Carter, Larry Hughes, and Redd. Michael Redd with a supporting cast as good as these players in group 1 will translate into a greater number of assists and open shots due to double teaming of Dwight Howard and Dirk. Although Vince has slightly better RPG and APG stats, Redd is a pure shooter with killer instinct and isn't yet washed up like Vince Carter is rapidly becoming. Larry Hughes is one of the worst shooters in the league, I could beat him in HORSE.

    SF. Peja Stojakovic - Honestly, I would rather have Ron Artest from group 2 and also Josh Smith from group 3 instead of Peja. Josh Smith is a very long young guy that will end up with many blocks, and Artest is a pure scorer. Peja can shoot and hasn't been able to produce much this season (only 15.9 PPG) and low stats in assists and rebounds. I do believe though that he would get more open looks due to double teaming of Dirk and Dwight.

    PF. Dirk Nowitzki - If you would take Chris Webber (Old and washed up, frequently hurt) or Andre Kirilenko (Seemingly quit trying, his PPG over the ast few years went from 15-15-16-8-this year's 12). Dirk consistently puts up 20-25 points each and every night. His leadership is unmatchable and his ability to draw defenses out to the perimeter is incredible. I will take a shooting 7' big man that will score me 23 PPG and nearly 9 RPG over an extremely skinny 11 PPG scorer and 5 RPG Power Forward. Chris Webber shouldn't even be in the NBA, I don't think he'd put up Kirilenko-like numbers even in the D-League.

    C. Dwight Howard - Although I am a HUGE Marcus Camby fan, this one is a no-brainer. I actually picked this group solely because of Dwight Howard. Dwight outscores each of the other two players by at least 8 points and outrebounds them both. Shaq is slow but can still score. Don't expect him to play defense. Camby and Dwight are both menaces on defense, although Camby edges Dwight on blocks per game (3.8 to 2.3), Dwight edges Camby in Defensive rebounds per game and also Offensive rebounds per game. Dwight is a high energy guy that will win MVP this year if he can guide his Magic through the playoffs.

    6th man. Sam Cassell - Since I don't really need my 6th man to be a Forward or Center like Battier (Very good defender, it's actually pretty scary) or Diaw (He had one good year and hasn't produced too much since), so I liked how he fit with this group. With Rafer Alston and Michael Redd as my guards, they could share time 3 ways with Cassell, a natural born leader with Finals experience and a ring.

    Simply put, this is the best group with the selected players and 6th man positions taken into account. With the amount of leadership on this team, there could be a power struggle, but I think they would come together maybe as the Bulls Championship team did, leaders in Jordan and Pippen and then huge role players.

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    PG: Chris Paul - He's the hottest point guard in the league right now and he's even a contender in the MVP race. He can score big while dishing off a lot. Doble-double figures most of the time right?

    SG:Vince Carter - He still have the moves and the shooting, since Kidd was traded back to Dallas, Carter has a bigger role with his team, thus making him bring out more his A-game.

    SF:Josh Smith - He can score a lot and swat a minimum of 2 blocks per game.

    PF:Dirk Nowitzki - Chris Webber is old enough for this position and Andre Kirilenko had lost his spice since Boozer, Williams and Okur took the spotlight at Utah. Dirk is a tall guy who can play different positions. He can shoot with his height advantage, drive past any defenders and can rebound.

    C:Dwight Howard - The "Superman" is flying around the league to fight off any opponent standing in front of the Orlando Magic. A star is rising unlike Shaq who has been "Sun-setting" in Phoenix. He's just doing a back up role unlike Dwight who has been the main offensive option of his team. Camby can be good choice too since blocking shot is his forte but he's not getting any younger and anytime soon he can retire.

    6th Man:Sam Cassell - He may be old but he can still prove something. Being a veteran of the league, he can still show the young ones with the basic and yet effective moves. With him in the team, he can make anyone play his best because of the leadership that he can provide. He may not score like what he had been used to but his presence will make the difference.

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    PG. Rafear Alston

    SG. Micheal Redd

    SF. Peja Stiocavich

    PF. Dirk Novinski

    C. Dwight Howard

    6th man. Sam Cassel

    with Dirk and Dwight you carnt lose

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    id go with team 1 by far u got a 4 3 point shooters and the best center in the game u would have the adv in 3 point and points u would lack in asst but ull have 2 good guys who can grab 10 a game and sam can put in his 14 and 6 a game

    on team 2 u would be great on blocks and asts but artest is a cancer to the team plus lerry isent what he used to be camby isent getting any younger but by far the best pg still cant beat team 1

    team 3 is ur olddd team shaq is at the end of his days and webber is past the end of his days i see no future on this team besides williams ud suffer big time with injerys this team by far is the worst

    so i sick to team 1 even tho ull get burned at PG but u got a big man at the Center spot along with 3 other 3 point shooters id say who can shoot lights out

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    Team 2 because it is a group of great defenders along with some decent scoring options

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