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Borderline "splitting"?

How do I stop "splitting" from the only people I have when I am scared, stressed, angry, or even bored?

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    borderline personality really has a splitting personality (this is just one personality), your like in good mood right now then all of the sudden you become stressed out and get mad that you just can't understand why.

    You have tell that person (the only people you have) that you have this kind of personality. They have to understand you and at the same time you have to control your own feeling of anger.

    People who have borderline personality has to go a psychiatrist not because you are a psycho but because you need help to understand your own feelings and what your going through and also for you to be able to control unwanted anger or outburst of your emotions.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, not really knowing the entire story if I were you I'd seek some counseling. If your environment is causing you stress then you need to get some tools from a professional therapist and if they suggest you remove yourself from your surroundings then do that too. Some sort of exercise be it walking or working out is wonderful for boredom. Either way help is out there. Good luck and God Bless...your never alone!!!

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  • doug k
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    "Splitting" is just one of the things you do when you have Borderline Personality Disorder. As you probably know, BPD is very hard to treat. My advice is to keep hunting for a therapist until you find one who can help.

    Good luck!

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