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Top 10 Gaming Tips?

Ok, so i've just gotten this new computer and i'm soon going to be getting some games. I'm kinda a nube wannabe extreme gamer. So i was wondering if any of you had some top 10 tips for gaming you could give me.

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    my biggest tip to you, dont go by other people's reviews and what they say about the game. i love to get games that people havent really heard of and see if they are good. sometimes you can find a really fun game that is cheap that no one knows about. as for my other they are:

    practice makes perfect. you wont become an expert in anything over night. take guitar hero for example. no one starts out on expert. just dont get discouraged with games.

    search everywhere you can. a lot of times you will find rare items that most people would miss.

    dont be ashamed to ask for help! there are tons of websites that have walkthroughs to games that will tell you where every single item in a game is and how to do it. my favorite is of course if you do nothing but follow the walkthroughs, then it takes the fun out of the game. i only use the walkthroughs when im absolutely stuck and cant figure something out.

    more expensive games arent always better. tons of games are 40 bucks and higher and they suck. do a little bit of your own research on games that you might be interested in.

    at first experiment with all sorts of games until you find what is most fun to you. i personally love rpg games more than anything. if you like cars and stuff, id suggest the need for speed series...especially the underground games.

    well i hope i helped man. happy gaming! contact me if you have any questions.

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    If you've just gotten a new computer and want to play good games on it looking good, get a good graphics card(Nvidia cards higher than 8000 are perfect), and at least 2 GB of RAM on your computer. After that, you're set to go. :)

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    take everything that isn't stuck on the ground


    nazis are bad

    don't test if you can swim by jumping into a body of water.

    mana means magic

    hp means hit points or health points

    MMORPGS are great fun


    World of Warcraft sucks.

    Get the Silent Hill games

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    cheat x10.

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