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Should all nations promoting freedom boycott China's Olympic Games in protest over Tibet?

China's investment makes it NOW as vulnerable as the Tibetans. This, and current Tibetan revolt, creates unique opportunity. The Games' promotion as creating international understanding is invalid or at least highly questionable. The pre-war Berlin Games did nothing to avert World War 2. I know athletes and nations also have heavy investments - but are these more important than humanity itself? The Games are now merely a vehicle for elite athletes' ambitions, exploited for national ego, TV entertainment, and commercial profit. Against the repression and colonization of the peaceful people of Tibet, doesn't failure to act as and when we can diminish us all? It troubles me - so I'm interested in other opinions.

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    What the heck are you talking about?

    What is happening right now in Tibet is clearly an organized, well planned VIOLENT "incident" by Dalai Lama who is funded by anti-China foreign government. They picked the moment right before Olympics.

    Those people who "protest" are thugs. You can see in the video, they are burning down shops, cars on the streets. They would have been arrested in all countries for doing this.

    By the way, Dalai Lama was the biggest slave owner in Tibet. All the land in TIbet were owned by the monks who were serving Dalai Lama. Majority population were bonded to the land owned by those monks. There was no such thing as "Tibet freedom" before communists took over. Western anti-communists mass media brainwashed people to believe Dalai Lama is a peace loving monk, because they want to demonlize the Chinese government.

    Just take a good look at the videos in the following links. Those aren't even "protests", it's CRIME.

    video #1

    A group of Tibetan thugs beating up a Han Chinese.

    Youtube thumbnail


    video #2

    These terrorists burn down shops, cars. Oh wait, isn't that dude kicking a shop's glass dressed as a monk? WOW, shouldn't buddhist monks doing that? I always thought Tibetan "buddhism" is a joke, it's no where close to the real Buddhism you find ANYWHERE else.

    Youtube thumbnail

    People are just blinded after being brainwashed for all their lives. They don't seem have a problem if someone burn down their houses, cars, beating their family to deaths. Of course, if the government steps in to stop those mobs, it will be "human rights violation".

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    I think those nations should attend the games, although I agree that China has a lot of blood on its hands. Here's why: Access to non-official points of view is often impossible inside China. The games provide a great opportunity for Chinese people to see and talk with people from around the world. The games are going to happen with or without some countries' attendance. Therefore, the negative impact of a boycott is minimal. It might make you feel better, but it will do nothing but reinforce China's internal hegemony. Lastly, we tried a boycott before, against the USSR. Didn't do anything, from what I remember, except break the hearts of American athletes.

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    Other nations should encourage mainland China to seek a peaceful end to the solution. Encouraging other ethnic groups in other nations to revolt is not the right solution. And boycotting the Olympics would only tell China that the Tibetans have destroyed what they've worked for....which will encourage China to use actual force in suppressing the current protests.

    We've suppressed minority rights for blacks, Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics, women, etc in our history...if they had revolted it would've been disastrous for the nation. However with time, civil liberties were granted and life did improve.

    Besides, the Tibetan theocracy in place before the communist invasion wasn't any better than the current government. The religious class ruled with absolute power and oppressed the average Tibetan just as much as the Chinese police do today, if not more.

    Brief Summary:

    Qing Dynasty invades Tibet in the 16th century, establishes the chain of Dalai Lama through election

    1912, Chinese Revolution by the KMT (now Taiwan) - Tibet, Mongolia, and other regions declare independence

    1949, KMT loses the Chinese civil war to the communists. The communists decide to take back territories lost in the early 20th century.

    Armed Tibetan insurgency lasts decades, with thousands of Tibetan & Chinese soldiers and civilians dead. CIA backed armed uprising supported by the current Dalai Lama fails, and he flees to India in fear of assassination.

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    Again, yes Boycott China's Olympic money making machine, stop buying Made in China, email your MP or Government representitive, ask them what they are doing about the genocide.

    Email companies you know use China as a pool of cheap labour, wallmart etc.

    Tell them you will not buy from them until things in China change.

    These are small things I know, but if one hundred thousand people do it, then the financial effects will begin to show, if one million people do it then it will have a greater impact.

    We seem to forget that if we get behind a common cause, and use the power of buying or not buying, then the consumer has a huge power over companies and also governments.

    China needs to be tackled or they will dfo whatever they like.

    And bully's only respond to strength, so we should become much stronger in our dealing with them.

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    Stop being biased, these revolts have clearly been organised and they are trouble makers that are taking advantage of a neutral Olympic event to hightlight their nonsense.

    Why would the protestors burn shops, police stations, cut off flesh from police officers (yes, they did that yesterday!), cut off innocent by stander's ears etc.

    Clearly, all those against the chinese are ill informed. Look at the mess that has been created due to ill-informed spy info in Iraq!

    Why aren't ther protests for the starving Zimbabweans who face the highest inflation rate in the world under a mad dictator that has now passed legislation to take 51% of all foreign owned companies? Becuase the is a hidden agenda to conspire the only country that is on track to keep the mighty US in check and prevent them from ever defying the UN and attacking a country without world approval ever again. What a mess they have created in Iraq.

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    agree perfectly with you-so many vehicles are created to carry the 'poison of politics' inside them to complicate matters more.i was wondering at this era why not sit and discuss the problems-say Tibet-.To me I think problems exist only at radicals and both China and Tibet are free of such' microbes'. is there no hope at solutions?At least to let the games go without boycotts?

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    Which is more valuable: a gold medal from the Chinese govt or human dignity of the people in Tibet?

    The answer is self-evident.

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    Yes, absolutely! They are very afraid that will happen! The US is in a perfect position to receive Human Rights promises from China because of this possibility!

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    Yes. Countries that attend the Olympics show that they believe that it is okay to have a horrible human rights record. China is monstrous and every country that attends the Olympic games this summer is basically stating that it condones this unacceptable behavior.

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    Yes, we should.

    Will it happen? I doubt it....too many greed-head companies on board for that, drooling over that "Chinese market".

    And these are the same folks (the mainland Chinese) who keep using lead-based paints in our children's toys. All while the TV rightwads on Fox News have conniptions whenever the rest of us *grown-up humans* correct that situation, you know, to protect ourselves...?

    So yeah, I don't see it happening. The damned companies just won't allow it. Imagine that, *capitalism* supporting the Communism of the Chinese. O_O

    Somewhere in the Great Beyond I bet some dude named Mao is seriously sick to his stomach.

    Just saying....We should do the right thing here....but will we have the *spine* in our bodies to?

    Source(s): Edit: Lovely Thumbs-Down Brigade we have here, isn't it? Cowards. Can't be bothered to *support* these butchers, can you? ^_^
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