What are the real risks of getting a BBP from a professional Tattoo Parlor?

I need reliable info about the real risks of getting a Blood borne pathogen. from a Professional shop.

Hard reliable data with sources needed.


I need reliable info about the real risks of getting a Blood borne pathogen. from a Professional shop.

Hard reliable data with sources needed.

need hard data to keep a ban from happening in county.

Update 2:

Let me explain this a bit further. I am aware of everything. I have done a **** load of research. The county is trying to ban tattoo shops in the county. claiming heath risks. Need Hard data to verify that there basically arent any from professional shops.

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    There have been no systemic studies done on tattoo safety by any authoritative bodies. I believe this is because the Government doesn't want to recognize tattoo as a legitimate business. If your state issues health certs for tattoo parlors/piercing places then you are in- as long as the aseptic procedures the Health Dept decreed are followed there should be no health risks except as is normal for anything that causes an opening in the skin.

    The problem with trying to convince is that opinion will outweigh any facts you may have.

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    4 years ago

    My store permit me take a duplicate of my tat a couple of months earlier than I acquired it .. I desired to ensure I cherished it earlier than I positioned it on me Well in the future I used to be on excursion and there used to be a lady doing henna, I had the tattoo in my handbag so she did the layout for me in henna in which I used to be considering getting it (at this factor I used to be taking into consideration among two locations nonetheless) I'm blissful I did .. henna lasts per week or 2 .. so I felt I acquired a higher believe for it .. after that I used to be excited and equipped to move! You should buy a henna package on ebay .. and feature an inventive pal do it for you .. I only recently acquired a henna package on ebay for only 10 with delivery.. however or else in the event you wish it performed it performed it the tat store you'll regularly ask if he's going to print off the switch sheet and positioned that on you .. simplest unhealthy factor is it is probably crimson, and it may not final beyond a bath .. however a minimum of it is a technique to see it on epidermis instead than paper

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    Now'a days its unlikely if you watch your artist open the needles infront of you and they have the medical grade steralizers for the guns etc. as long as you see that the place is clean and the needles are right from the package the chances are slim to none that that would happen. Hope I helped to ease your mind some.

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    None, that I know of. When I got mine in 98, the artist that did mine open the new needle in front of me so that i could see. The last one I seen done was my BIL's. Is artiest did the same thing. Also the cups that help the ink was also new and never used. When all was done he disagreed them, needle and all, in to like a Bio-hazard bag.

    If you so to a shop and do not open a new needle in fort of you, don't get it there.

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