what is the difference between a cb and a 10 meter ameature radio?


also can a 10 meter ameature radio be used to communicate to cb

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    the CB 11 meter band was carved out of frequencies originally used by ham radio. In fact, 11 meters was the only band that general class licensed amateurs could use for voice communications, the other bands being reserved for code only. When the switch was made, you can imagine it created a LOT of hard feelings in the amateur community. Most ham rigs, especially those made by Drake and Yaesu were very easy to modify to operate in the CB band. CB operators liked these because ham equipment usually worked at 100 watts instead of the 5 watts of regular CB gear. And unlike most CB equipment, ham transmitters also worked on channels that were neither CB or Ham bands, called outbander. Use of a non-FCC approved transmitting device in the CB bands is illegal. Any transmission in the outbands is illegal. When the price of CBs dropped through the floor, shortly after the 40 channel debacle, some enterprising hams converted them to 10 meters. However most ham communications is either SSB or FM, so the AM CB conversions were never very popular. Also some CB manufacterers tried converting some of their products to amateur 10 meter, but at least the old hams won't buy them.

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    Adding to the previous answer. The 10 meter radio cannot be used to communicate with the CB, and CB certainly cannot be used to communicate with 10 meters.

    Modifying a 10 meter radio to operate on CB frequencies is illegal.

    Use of a 10 meter radio by unlicensed folks is illegal.

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    Then the question is can you reach frequencies meant to be on the 11 meter band with a CB (10 Meter band) with what ever means ie: power mike, fantastic antenna without modifying the radio, skipping ect.

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    The difference between a CB (Citizen's Band) and an

    Amateur radio is that the amateur radio's operator needs a license to operate his/her radio, needs to take a test to be given a certain frequency to use.

    The CB operator can use any of the CB frequencies. Ch. 9 is designated for emergencies only.

    Google "amateur radio" and "Citizen's Band" radios for the exact frequencies.

    All the best to you.

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