Broke people suck?

Don't you hate it when you want to do somthing and nobody ever seems to have any money.... I am going to Vegas in 2 days and I have been there about 5 times already and so this trip I want to do somthing new and exciting.... I had ideas of renting jet ski's in Lake Mead or renting a glider for a day.. both of which cost about $150-$200 so its not really that expensive but all my friends want to do is sit an play nickel slots and get drunk for free......... It always seems like I want to do exciting things and nobody ever has any money.... I'm not rich by any means but when I go somewhere I want to have fun or not go at all..... My motto has always been GO BIG OR STAY HOME !! Thanks for letting me vent



Thats just where I want to go a third world nation run by drug lords and corruption.

And yes it does suck when you are the only one that has the cash to do somthing.. it could be a vacation or going to the movies if you are the only one then you either do it solo or not at all......

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    i know how you feel! i think this happens to a LOT of people. there's always only 1 person who wants to do **** and have fun and everyone else just wants to save $$$. if you don't want to spend money, why go on vacation at all? just stay home! that'd save you lots of money! i couldn't get any one of my friends to travel but then i met this one person and we clicked right off the bat, since i met this person we've been traveling a lot and have plans to do so more in the future. you need to meet someone like that who has the same interests you do. your friends are probably just not interested in doing the things you want to do. there are websites where you can meet travel buddies - you can find people who want to travel to the same areas and do the same activities as you. if you're not sketched out by meeting people on line (i know i am) then you should definitely check some of those websites out (google them).

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    Bring your friends to Mexico. You can do all beach activities for a fraction of the cost. Your friends may get excited at how affordable things are and indulge.

    Neither you or your friends will never have enough money to refer to them as "They Suck" unless somebody leaves you some.


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    GO BIG! let the others stay home.

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    shut up.

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