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What do you think about a girl becoming a porn star?

If a girl was 17 and will be 18 in April.........shes been asked like 100 times out in the street on model calls and sooo forth to become a porn star.....should she test it of run away from it.....whats the harms???

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    Have you seen a porn movie?

    If you're fine with guys sticking their members in all three of your holes at the same time, then I gues you might as well be paid for it if you like those kind of things.

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    Firstly she should get her portfolio together. This dosent need to be totally professional, just merely a collection of photos that show her without make up and with. Next photos that show off her figure posed and not.

    With those approach a reputable agency for just advice to see if she has "something"

    They will give an honest opinion. Which she must listen to.

    Oh and make sure she takes a relative along. I always made sure the people I shot did. Not only for reassurance but peace of mind for them both that I was genuine, and I was acting in a purely professional manner

    BE VERY WARY of people who just approach you in the street. Theyre usually after money (to produce a portfolio- which arent neccessary) or worse.

    On NO account move into the porn industry, its littered with burnt out girls addicted to drink drugs, and have serious mental issues. Another important point is that if your friend has got talent, then having worked in the porn industry will come back to haunt her. Her future ability to use her talents will be ruined.

    I used to help friends and friends of friends to photo and produce a simple portfolio for them. 2 went to work in a London agency.

    Though i must have helped 30 people. By doing that I learnt what the agencies wanted.

    Source(s): Semi-pro photographer
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    Well, there's a lot to consider. Risk of pregnancy, risk of STDs, risk of guys not taking you seriously (relationship-wise), risk of seeing sex as a job and no longer digging it romantically, risk of being used and abused, and all the other risks that might go with any film type job.

    A person who decided to do porn would have to be prepared for that to follow them the rest of their lives. How would they feel about their parents, siblings, friends, grandparents, extended family knowing about their job or actually seeing some of it? Years later, out of the industry, how might it affect getting future jobs or positions, or being taken seriously by people this former-porn actor might want to impress?

    I have nothing against porn, but anyone considering making porn movies (and there is no guarantee that person would ever become a "star") one has to look beyond the money and how kewl it might seem on the surface to have sex for a living, and consider all the possible pitfalls both while in the industry and later down the road. If it's decided those things are worth accepting or risking, then do what seems best for you...

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    If you've been told 100 times on the street you could become a porn star, you can make far more money as a legitimate model. Leave porn acting for the damaged, abused girls with no self-esteem. There's no shortage of them.

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    it seems like the money would be great but I think that something like that may make you superficial. Say you do go into the porn industry, and you have a good run of things. what say the person you might want to be with in a perverbial sense, is not as endowed as some of your co-stars may be. This may make the person you are with feel inferior to the notion you might be comparing them. They might also not even want anything to do with you because of health issues. No matter how clean and safe they make it sound it really isnt all that clean and safe. You make the decisions you have to live with for the rest of your life. Money isn't worth your dignity and being a star shouldn't have to come at that expensive of a price. If you're 17 then I suggest staying in school and becoming something we truly need more of in the world. Say a Doctor or a nurse,>RF

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    My Dear, there are many women who appear in porn, but there are few, very few in fact, Porn-Stars.. Not meaning to shatter your confidence before you've even started .but the odds aint in your favour , aim for the stars though, the worst you can hit is a couple of grand a month for 3 or 4 hours ' work ' and of course, if you actually enjoy the work, then you got it made!

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    OK, I hate to quote from "Star Wars," but this one seemed very appropriate.

    You know the part where Obi-wan says to Luke: "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

    I think that applies very well to the porn industry.

    There are only a handful of people I can think of, that are more E-V-I-L that the porn biz. Drug dealers, perhaps.

    I don't say this lightly, nor am I trying to call down judgment on people, or tell them how to run their lives.

    But trust me when tell you, that porn will *crush your soul.*

    I agree that the last thing this world needs is more porn actors. But the world is in absolutely *dire* need of more strong women, who have courage, dignity, compassion, empathy, wisdom, emotional strength, and above all, self respect.

    Su amigo,


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    Some girls seem born to be porn stars. Good luck to them.

    If a girl is broad minded and really enjoys sex then she can make a lot of money. Pornography also provides a social service (for consumers).

    The down side, I can only imagine, is how can a girl tell when pornographers are genuine? Also, she may try it and really not like it. She may be traumatized.

    Furthermore, when sex becomes your job, do you become desensitized to it? Does it ruin sex in your private life?

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    hmm ask yourself how you'd feel if your little princess daughter came up and said hey mum guess what ???

    " I screw strangers for a living" how would that make you feel and then think about your mum!!! have you got a reputation as a goer or something?? If thats what you really want then good luck and I'll just chalk your name up on the board at your nearest std clinic get you booked in cause you'll be spending a lot of time there

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    The harms of a porn star depends on what you are getting yourself into.

    If it's just pictures and poses of yourself, then the harm would be that you're being exploited.

    If it's more...well, then they might make you do other stuff than just shooting without any clothes on.

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