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If saint Patrick introduced Christianty to Ireland, what were religion was predominant before?

I have no idea, if St P made the first church and introduced the religion, then what did people believe in prior?


I have a Druid on world of warcraft, that sounds alot better than Christianity. :)

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    He wasn't the first, but he was an early missionary who had a lot of success, and because he wrote everything down, he gets credited. There were many others at that time.

    Before him, Irish followed the Celtic (druidic) religion.

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    No, Patrick didn't "exterminate" the Druids. The transition to Christianity was so gradual that it was hard to tell where the old religion ended and the new one began. Protestants wear orange on St. Patrick's Day to show their allegiance to King William, who won the Battle of the Boyne, and as an anti-Catholic statement.

    Source(s): How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill
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    Prior to this is was all druid rule in Ireland.

    The High Kings of Ireland sat at Tara which i believe is somewhere in Meath, hence Meath being called 'An Mhi' in Irish and translating as 'the middle' in English.

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    I see pagans and snakes mentioned did St Patrick get rid of both.

    I thought Gods introduced Religions, not humans,. lol.

    Source(s): How many Saints have been invented so far,
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    Pagan stuff. But it was celtic. the head guy was called a druid like a preist. they were thought to have magical powers

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    Druid religion.... a nature based religion.

    patrick exterminated druids like hitler did to jews. wear orange on march 17 in memoriam of the slaughter.

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    druid...i htink it has its influensces on hallwoeeen

    btw way if you wantt osee st paddys parade highlits ( how every poor quality...the rain shorted my camera) goto

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    druid celtic origins...

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    paganism of course.

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