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In a fight is it better to have small hands or large hands?

Everyone always say that it is good to have big hands for boxing or fighting. People at my school always say that about this one kid, but I was thinking, is it better to have small hands and thus deliver your force of impact over a smaller area and create more pressure per square inch, or is it better to have large hands which would hit more surface area? Would small hands=more knockouts since there would be a "tighter" impact?

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    like the people have said...its more about skill than just size. however usually big hands do deliver more force because it has more mass. force = mass x acceleration. so basically having a bigger hand is usually the advantage as long as you keep the speed. i see what you're saying but when people punch you also punch with the knuckles and whether ur hand is big or not, the force will always focus onto a small point and magnify the damage. so really i would say bigger hands are better but like the others really depends on ur skill and most importantly proper form and speed. look at bruce lee, the guy was small (like 125 lbs) but his punches were very hard because of his ridiculous speed.

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    That's a good theory but I'm thinking no because it doesn't matter the hand size it's where you hit and the power coming from the punch itself. You can have a BIG guy with small hands and if he hits you in the right spot your going down. I understand what your saying but, I feel that its not the size of the hand its the fouce coming from your body that makes the punch, not the hand itself. The power of the punch comes from your feet and up your body then out your hand, it's more of a skill then just having big hands :)

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    I'm not sure about small or big but someone who has bony hands is more likely to cause cuts when they punch

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    I don't think it makes any difference what size your hands are. I think skill, experience, and knowledge make much more difference than any particular physical characteristic.

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    small and quick.

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