Can someone explain the Breast Crawl better to me?

My BFF and I were talking about the Breast Crawl. I don't know much about it so bare with me. From what I do understand after birth the baby is put on the mother's chest and it will root it's way to the breast to feed. (Sort of like a puppy or kitten does after it is born) You can see this method here:

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This video explains WHY the baby dos this but only says it initiates the bonding process of mother and child.

I was curious if anyone has tried this? What else is the benefit of doing this vs. simply latching the baby on? I guess it seems as though it would just be easier to latch the baby on yourself. Is this only at birth or will a baby always do this? How do you ensure that the baby is latched on correctly so there is no nipple pain? If this is something that has some type of benefit for the baby I would love to try it, but if there isn't really any benefit to it tha I would definitely pass.


Also, I did breast feed my first child. I simply latched him on though. I didn't know about this method until about a week ago. My curiosity is definitely peaked though.

Update 2:

Oh Wow Jessica! Great info. It posts a new question for me though. Why do midwives not speak of this method? The only reason I found out about this is because my BFF is in school to be an OB Nurse and it was brought up amongst her classmates.

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    "To think that for many decades both caregivers and parents believed that in order to breastfeed, a baby would not know what to do to feed and was usually pushed onto the breast. The baby would just look and lick and often balk at the intrusion. Actually at birth the infant may know more than the mother."

    Also, on that website it says the baby may know more then the mom, meaning the baby knows how to latch on and can properly latch on if let alone.

    "Other benefits of this early breastfeeding experience include helping the infant feel more secure, reducing infant mortality through the numerous immunological properties of human milk, and encouraging a longer period of breastfeeding."

    "Early initiation offers several advantages to the baby and the mother.

    *Helps to keep the baby warm

    *Leads to faster and effective achievement of feeding skills by the baby

    *The baby starts getting colostrum as the first feed. Colostrum has high concentration of antibodies (immunity). Baby starts getting colonized by safe germs (bacterial flora) from the mother. Both these offer protection against infections and hence are important for the baby’s survival.

    * Helps uterine contraction, faster expulsion of the placenta, reduces maternal blood loss and prevents anaemia.

    *Leads to better sugar levels and other biochemical parameters in the first few hours of birth.

    *Earlier passage of meconium (first blackish-green stool) and hence decreased intensity of normal (physiological) newborn jaundice.

    *Early and long term breastfeeding success.

    *Better mother-infant bonding.

    *May have a role in boosting development of baby’s nervous system. "

    Those websites have a lot of good articles/FAQ to read about the Breast Crawl.

    EDIT- Go to this website:

    That has more info on your last question you asked. If I would have known about this I think I might have tried. I had nurses shoving my daughter at me trying to get her to nurse and she never once latched on for me :(

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    firstly, thank you for sharing the was a joyful scene, reminded me of when mybaby was first breastfed when she was just born.

    no, i did not do the breast crawl. i latched the baby on myself. latching correctly also took a few days for my baby to do it correctly.

    good luck, and trust me, its a beautiful experience!

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