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XBOX 360 HD DVD PLAYER??? Is this a 360 console or not???

Hi i saw a XBOX 360 HD DVD PLAYER for sale and wonder is it a console and can you play 360 games on it??

Many thanks!

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    No, it is just an HD-DVD player that requires an Xbox 360. It will connect to the Xbox 360 and be able to play HD-DVDs and DVDs, and not Xbox 360 games.

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    HD-DVD and Blue Ray are a new technology with a lot of bugs. However, wishing for Blue Ray and PS3 won't help, as for example the interactive features of the Pirates of the Caribbean Blue Ray won't work on some players. I think, that in a few days/ weeks/ months there might be a update to the Xbox's player software and your HD DVDs will work. I'm looking forward to getting Hot Fuzz, too. That movie was awesome! And regarding Sony not dealing BS: They are developing BR+. A new Blue Ray format that is supposed to have features that are already availiable on HD DVD (picture in picture for example). However, current Blue Ray players will be unable to use these new BR+ features. Furthermore: If some hacker finds a way to rip a Blue Ray Disc with the PS3's Linux for example, the Movie Industry can put revocation keys on new Blue Ray discs. If you put such a disc into the PS3, the PS3 (as any other Blue Ray player, too) is asked to store the revocation key in it's permanent memory. This way the PS3 cannot play any Blue Ray movies anymore. Not even your old movies you already bought. *That* is what I call BS.

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    Its a HD Dvd player that you connect to your Xbox 360 only for DVD'S.

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    no you will not be able to play games on it, this is a piece of hardware that connects to the 360 and allows you to play HD DVD's, seeing as HD DVD's are no longer being made I would not buy one if I was you, wait and see if microsoft are going to do antyhing with blue ray

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    1.yes you must buy a hd DVD player 2. no it just a portable hd DVD player. and yes you can play game on the xbox 360. not on the hd portable DVD. like the ps3 has a blue ray disc in of the ps2.

    Source(s): he dvd player is just to watch movies.
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    Nope its just an external HD-DVD drive for playing HD-DVDs(high def dvds). HD-DVDs are being made, so i woudn't bother getting one!

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    no its so u can play hd movies on your console

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    nope, this is a (pretty much now obselete) accesory for the 360

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