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one algorithm to solve a rubiks cube?

my friend said there is one algorithm that will eventually solve the rubiks cube. he said u just repeat it a lot of times. he also said it wil take a really long time. what is it?

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    It's not just one algorithm, there's several. And some of it is intuitive. Once it's solved though, there are some algorithms you can repeat then it'll go back into it's original place. Though, if it's not solved when you try, it'll just go back to how it was originally scrambled.

    Check out these videos, they should help you figure it out.

    Youtube thumbnail

    (Part 1)

    Youtube thumbnail

    (Part 2)

    Good luck.

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    I'm sorry to tell you there isn't a single algorithem to solve a rubiks cube. There's seven actually, but the first couple are really basic and can uusaully be ignored. Anyway this is where i learned ( It made things really easy it has step by step instructions with pictures to show the moves. So if you want to learn i would go here.

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    go to youtube and type in how to solve a rubiks cube.

    it will show part 1 and 2. its a little complicated but now i can solve it it like 2 1/2 min.

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    you're bearing on god's set of rules (the single set of rules particular on your scrambled cube which could sparkling up it in approx. 25 strikes) there are too many distinctive variations of the cube to permit for this to be useful. on line solvers use a potential besides, none of them do it interior the way reported above.

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    hey i'm just twelve..and i can now solve my cube for 1min and 20 sec.

    my classmate taught me how to do it..and now he can solve the cube in only 30 sec..

    he saw it on youtube..i think..

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