Pastor Wright: Right or Wrong on disparity between rich & white and poor & black?

Can a rich white person REALLY know what it feels like to be a poor black person in this country? There seems to be a difference in BOTH class and race.

What about a poor white person? Can they truly know what it feels like to be a poor black person?

And, just to stretch it out a bit more, a rich black person: can they really know what it feels like to be a poor black person, providing they've never been poor themselves?

Given the racial discrimination in our country and the class disparity, seems to me that the only two groups that can truly exhibit social empathy would be that of the RICH-BLACK and the POOR-WHITE individuals.

Agree or Disagree?

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    As much as I haven't given mr. wright much attention of late, i must say you do make a valid point. All i can say is..thanks to the effects of globalization, i strongly believe we'll reach a point where the subject of race would a bygone one.

    But to answer your question, i totally agree: whether we like it or not, there is a distinct disparity between race and class in our nation currently, so we have a lot of work to do to change that!

  • I agree. Since the black race has generally been exiled for nearly 400 years; plus segregation - that STILL exists to some extent, social empathy of whites being poor makes it even. But, being in a different social class - prevents you from understanding what other social classes are like because you are immune to the one you are.

    Larry is absolutely right. We have those closet supremacists who are the same one's who smile in your face, but call you a "N" as you turn around. Unfortunately, the country still has them, but to tell you the absolute truth, people are making a big deal about it because he is a radical pastor who talks bad about white people. And of course, you're going to have white people getting mad over the comments he has made. It has nothing to do with Obama, except the fact that Wright has been his pastor for 20 years. And the media thinks that because he's been his pastor for so long, this is what Obama really thinks about white people.

    My answer to that is who gives a damn what they think Obama thinks. Same with Bush, I am sure he thought twice about sending troops to New Orleans in less than 5 days when he knew it's populated with African American men, women AND children. So who cares. The goal is who can bring the change?!?!

    OBAMA '08

  • 4 years ago

    The flaws in your reasoning are incredulous. At one hand, you say that you think a society with a large gap between rich and poor would be a good thing, at the same time admitting that you wouldn't want to live in a society with a large gap between the rich and the poor (your feudalistic society). History shows that the most prosperous civilizations are ones where capital flows freely among the citizens, allowing them to invest and save as they see fit. In other words: a middle class. A widening wealth gap means that that the society's middle class is slowly evaporating, heralding a return to feudal conditions where massive numbers of poor are completely dependent upon the patronage of their rich owners for sustenance. It's worth noting that Steve Job's background was middle class. He didn't even finish college. How would our society have benefitted if Steve Jobs didn't have the resources to start his own company?

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    Agree, somewhat.A white person will never understand how it feels to be black.Period. And, vice versus.But blacks now have more of an opportunity to be successful. Many of us choose to continue to feel sorry for ourselves and continue the cycle of poverty.But, I do believe that a white male in America has the greatest opportunity's, and black men have the least. A person of color still has to be twice a good to be accepted. Or , people will assume it is affirmative action.But, I think Wright is still a racist.As a pastor he is supposed to help people see the positive not make the negative worse.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is a disparity between rich and poor and black and white.

    You show exactly why these people have the problems they do. Liberals see race. They see someone who is black as a black person. Conservatives see a person who happens to be black. Liberals always see race and sex first. Conservatives see it as a feature just as a big nose or blond hair.

    There is no difference between one poor person and another. People who are poor have similar attitudes and behaviors. People who are wealthy have similar attitudes and behaviors. I live in a middle class area and own modest things. I spend money on what I need and do not buy things I cannot afford. I have money in the bank and spend a lot less each month that I make. This is not a racial thing, it is an attitude thing. Black people are just as capable of doing what I do as whites are.

    Your whole premise is what democrats are founded on: racial and class warfare. What it takes to be successful has nothing to do with how much you make or what race you are.

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    1 decade ago

    No a white person cannot possibly know what it's like to black. Pastor Wright should have actually been an activist rather than a Past. But then again if you look in the Old Testament, the Prophet Amos was an activist. No a poor white person can know what it's like to be a poor black person. A rick black person cannot really know exactly what it's like to be a poor black person. But I disagree on your last point because poor white people are the most bigoted because of lack of education. They seem to have the need to feel like they're better than somebody, so they pick blacks.

    Edit: And to Jihad Jill below me, Obama is the only candidate who has even visited Indian Reservations to see their needs.

    Source(s): Sociology 101/last part of answer. The Bible/first part of answer. How I know about the Edit above: My mom was raised on Rocky Boy Indian Reservation.
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    While I dispute his 'paint every one' mindset, the general concepts that Pastor Wright attempted to share is still valid.

    We, as a nation, have lost all sense of empathy. The divides he speaks of are quite real.

    But the message of hate in his voice nullifies any chance for discourse. When you paint all of a group with the same tainted facts, no one can speak without fear.

    The most important fact I believe we'll see come from this series of poisoned sermons is how little they meant to Senator Obama. If he had truly agreed with any of this man's beliefs, we would have seen clear demonstrations of it long before now.

    I'm voting for Obama.

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    1 decade ago

    Agree. Sort of. A rich white can have empathy for poor white and poor black if he grew up a poor white. He'll never truly understand a poor black, and vice versa. Then reverse white and black.

    Thanks for asking.

  • justa
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    That a pleasant exercise for a slightly high group of friends at college.

    In real life,a pastor who claims America is damned by God, and that the US government gave Black people AIDS, while for twenty years a man who would be president claims never to have heard a word his pastor, his mentor, the man who married him, said on the topic.

    I'm not interested in empathy or who trumps who in the 'poor little me' department.

    I want to know how hate is thought to be better if a black man says it than when a white man says it.

    All the rest is window dressing.

  • 1 decade ago

    Agree-That could'nt have been said better.

    I would like to add that MOST of that church's congregation are blacks who WERE poor but are now prominent members of their community- for those who claim he wants blacks to receive handouts while sitting on their butts.

    Jhid jill- Its debatable where Native American had it worse-if you have to compare the two tragedies. Yet one thing is certain there are NO black ppl that recieve 40,000 a year for their entire lives like some Native Americans.

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