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Is the Tesla Electric Car Coming to the UK?

On the site it says no, however pistonheads says yes, and so has their plans changed? If so when is it going to be released?

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    I own a shop, and read a lot about cars. From everything I have read, and have been able to find out, No it's not in the plans, but this doesn't mean they won't change their minds. The piston heads are basing their opinions on the fact gasoline has gone sky high recently, and if this vehicle is to make good in the world market, it will be forced to go to the UK. I think it will too.

    Glad to help out, Good Luck!!!

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    Yes it is.

    I don't think they will have dealerships in the UK, but you are allowed to buy one and take it to the UK.

    They cost $96,000 US Dollars, which is $47,531 pounds.

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