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Is Ohio State the best team in the NCAA?

i think they are because Ohio State they are just getting better they have the best ol in the NCAA and if they get Pryor they will have the best OBs and they have the best LBs

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    Yes Ohio State is by far the best in the country. Did you see the Sport Illustrated cover from last spring? It said "Ohio State. THE Program"

    The fact they lost those two games to florida and lsu was a fluke. The real national championship game in 2006 was Ohio State vs michigan. Last year the only reason lsu won was because they got to play in their de facto home stadium in new orleans. Take a look at this....

    Pro Bowl Players in the last 10 years:

    Ohio State- 12

    Michigan- 8

    Florida- 7

    Michigan St- 6

    Penn State- 5

    Wisconson- 4

    Purdue- 4

    Indiana- 2

    Illinois- 2

    LSU- 2 ???????

    Ohio State is a factory for NFL talent. And that list doesn't even include some of the newer Buckeyes to the NFL who will soon be Pro Bowlers. PLayers like Santonio Holmes, Ted Ginn, Anothney Gonzalez, AJ Hawk, Vernon Golstein, Beanie Wells, and yes Terrelle Pryor.

    Isn't it funny that Pryor is coming to Ohio State even after losing to NC games? His real goal is to play in the NFL, and where better to learn that than the school that puts more talent in the NFL than anyone.


  • As a program there is only one that can match OSU right now and that's USC. I don't care if OSU lost in the NC the past two years. Florida didn't make it this year with Tim Tebow, and LSU didn't make it in '06 with Jamarcus Russell. As much as you SEC want to do it, '07 LSU and '06 Florida are not the same team, therefore it is not a repeat performance. You try to make your whole conference a single team. You're pitting an entire conference against a single team. Try comparing the Big Ten to the SEC, instead of Ohio State to the SEC. You'll see that the numbers are so much more even than 0-9.

    I'd love to see any of those SEC come up and play in the Big Ten or PAC-10 schedule. They don't do well in bowl games sure (although Wisconsin and Michigan gave the SEC all it could handle this year), but they're out to kill during the conference games. Even suggesting that the Big Ten or PAC-10 conferences are dead is idiotic. Any time a team comes out on top of their conference, it's something to reckon with. And OSU and USC has won conference consecutive years (I'm not sure how many), which no SEC team can brag about. (and don't give me that crap about "oh, that's because our conference is too good for that". greatness comes from being able to be consistantly better than your opposition)

    Florida and LSU are eliminated from conversation because they're still up and coming programs. They haven't been powers for long enough yet. Georgia has not play to the level of Ohio State in recent years except for the possible exception of last season. Texas only had 1 good season led by a superstar. USC is the only one the has a claim to best program...because they win the Rose Bowl during a "down season". I respect their ability to reload every season and go through the PAC-10 every year unbeaten (or close to it). There a saying:

    "It's hard to get to the top, but it's even harder to stay at the top."

    This is what Jim Tressel has built at OSU. It's what Pete Carroll has done at USC (for the most part). No SEC program can match them. Everything any SEC team has done in the past 10 years can be matched and overshadowed by the OSU and USC juggernauts. And I fully expect these two powers to play for the title in '08.

    Just remember: Success breeds hatred.

    (Cue pro-SEC, OSU/USC-hating responses..)

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    Man... you better believe they are the best. They are basically the same team mionus Vernon Gholston. They will pound Illinois, Penn State, Michigan, USC and little SEC team that wants to come get some. If Jim Tressel would be smart enough to put Henton and Pryor into a dual QB system, The Ohio State University would be holding up that glass trophy next January.

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    well, losing twice in the NC game doesn't help, but, you have to give them credit for the talent that they consistantly put out. you also have to think about last year, how neither of those teams should have been in that NC game.

    the BEST? arguable, but... if you can't close it out, then it's hard to believe it.

    in the last ten years, Ohio State has been the most consistant team, they are high quality. ok, LSU won, but they are gonna suck next year, Florida last year was decent, Tebow carried them the whole way. OHIO STATE WILL WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP WITHIN 3 YEARS.

    also, who has gotten to the championship two years in a row? no matter the outcome, you have to applaude how they play every week.


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    what kind of crack have you been smoking???? the best? HAH, not by a long shot there skippy. you play in a weak conference, have absolutely nobody outside of conference on your schedule, and you've backed into the title game last year and got your butts handed to you - by an sec team. first humiliation was from florida and the last one by lsu, so i guess georgia or alabama is next. get real.

    if, and thats a big if, they get pryor, he could turn out to be a great big bust at osu, he'd be better off going to michigan. OMG, i said that word. oh well, you'll get beat by them too this year.

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    Well...they are the best at LOSING to the SEC.

    Until you can beat us...the answer stays NO!

    *Silly boy calling getting CREAMED (not losing...the SUCKEYES got raped without any vaseline) twice a fluke?

    FLUKE:1. an accidental advantage; stroke of good luck: He got the job by a fluke.

    there was nothing accidental about two teams in a row coming in there and handing them their heads. And as for sports illustrated...they said that Brady Quinn and the Sucky Irish was going to be the National Champs the year'd that work out? (Answer...another "Fluke" win by the SEC......thats how)

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    They got beat up by LSU in the championship this year and by Florida the year before. Does that mean they are the best in the NCAA? I dont think so...SEC rules!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!

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    Yes. The best team at getting to the national championship game and getting pounded like fresh meat in the slammer.

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    lol yea if you get pryor, doesnt mean he'll become a super star in his first year. they arent national champs are they? theyve had the opportunity, but busted against the SEC!!

    teams ahead of them: LSU, Georgia, USC, and a lot more.

    Source(s): EDIT: nickfran, what are you smoking? ur team plays in the crappy big ten and is blessed with 2 straight apperences of the National title, and lose both? yea i doubt they hold the trophy next year. maybe the big ten trophy, but not the national champs trophy. it will go to a deserving SEC team some guy in college: yea, florida and lsu might not be the same, but theres another SEC thats about to beat the crap out of all yall- GEORGIA BULLDOGS BUDDY. GEORGIA WILL BE BETTER THAN THE 06 GATORS or 07 LSU. MARK MY WORDS.
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    The Bucks are pretty good but I think USC is the best.

    Joe McKnight is going to have a breakout season.

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