what do you do if you have trouble sleeping?

I'm so tired and sleepy but my mind won't take a rest..... GRRRRRRR!

(wrong category but pls answer it anyway)

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    I don't know where you are from but find something on TV that you "don't" like to watch.

    I had the same problem a couple of times. With me it is the game of "Cricket". I fell asleep in 5-minutes.

    The second time it was "Golf". Can't stand either of them.

    This is not to put down those that do enjoy them, but cures my insomnia every time.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    Ok, let's go with a list of advice:

    Take Valerian (Valeriana officinalis). It is a herb, but since it smells horrible, take it in pills. Don't take it before you go to sleep but during midday.

    Do some exercise during the day. A tired body sleeps better. Again, not just before going to bed.

    Keep a room ordered and without too much stuff.

    Use your bed to sleep, not for reading or using your laptop.

    Ok, there is one exception to the use of the bed...no comment.

    It is better if you go to sleep at the same time every day.

    Of course, supress coffe, tea, ginseng and similar.

    Practice relaxation exercises: sit down with your back straight and concentrate on a point three fingers below your naivel. Breath slowly and let go of every thougth that comes to your mind, just let them pass and come back to your breathing and the point in your belly. Try not to think in anything else. Don't figth with toughts, just let them pass.

    Stretch your body, and yawn a couple times.

    Massage your legs and arms, from the part closer to the body towards the point of the fingers or toes.

    If nothing else works, just lay down quiet and don't worry. Even your mind can not sleep, your body will take profit of the rest and you will feel better next morning.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    Listen to the song called "trouble Sleeping"

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    Hi there...! I had the same problem as u do and the thing that helped me was meditating. It calms you down and relaxes your mind and body. The main thing you must have is to discipline yourself.

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    I would take a drink of Water, not think to much, close my eyes, and thats pretty much it!

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    I take sleeping pills(over the counter)

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    Great time to get closer to God!

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