Toilets don't flush completely?

Some may find this gross, but it's a problem: My poop is large, which is fine, but...

Many toilets I poop in get clogged and need to be plunged. One toilet at my mom's house almost never got clogged, so that's the one I used when I lived there. Public toilets flush fine. Now I have a house with 3 bathrooms. Both upstairs get clogged. At first, it seemed that the one in the basement wasn't going to be a problem, but now it's not flushing normally either. I've tried flushing mid-way through my "process" to potentially help, but that doesn't work either.

Now, all of my toilets flush water, but it goes near the top before it goes down, and it doesn't do a complete job of flushing.

Does it sound like my toilets have something maybe partially stuck or sticking to the pipes making the diameter smaller? Would pulling the toilet up and having a look be a poor allocation of time? I'm not comfortable pooping fearing a mess. I don't want to have to buy drain-o or similar all the time


As mentioned, I do "double flush"...once in the middle of the "load" and another after the "load".

Update 2:

Well...I went ahead and pulled the toilet in the master bath and looked it over. It all looked fine from the top and bottom ends. I ran my hand down in through there as far as it would go (I have relatively small hands and arms) and felt nothing. To be sure, I took it outside and turn the hose on and ran it through both ends. When I ran the hose from the bottom end, poop came out the top part, which was obviously clogging the toilet. I guess I do need to buy a new toilet. The biggest trap I've found on is 2 1/8th...I want as big as I can get for under $300. I'll shop around and probably plan on doing an install next weekend. Thanks for the help.

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    I think know what your talking about. It sounds to me that your toilet isn't taking it all down, some of your fecal matter is getting stuck in your toilet trap which is part of your toilet. Most toilets have a 1 1/4" trap or 1 1/2" trap,but kohler makes them with 2" traps and 3".traps. I use the kohler wellworth toilets in commercial applications they work very well. The wellworth has a 2" trap I haven't used the 3" trap. I would suggest changing the toilet you use the most.

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    I would guess that your house has older low flow toilets from when they were first required. Some of them have real problems with design. Newer ones make much better use of the force of water to flush while clearing and refilling much faster. I bought a Titan by Elger after noticing that we were flushing frequently with just pee. Great reduction in water usage. 95% of the time it flushes just fine. Under extreme "loads" it may not clear, but usually putting more water on top (flushing again) will clear it. One time in a month, maybe, it will not clear. I keep a force cup (plunger, plumbers friend) in the bathroom to get the stuff moving (don't use Draino in this situation). We use it to hold extra rolls of toilet paper on the handle. Just wash it after usage, starting with plunging it in the clean water in the toilet after it flushes.

    Check on age and flow of toilets. Harder to buy (too many variations in distance from wall, height of seat, etc) than to install. Replace one for your use and see if it solves problems.

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    After you drop your 'load' in it flush the toilet then flush again after you do the 'paperwork'.

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