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In India Muslims ask for Islamic Civil Law ,. Why don't they demand Islamic Criminal Law?

In India if any body advocates in favour of Common Civil Code Muslims get angry. And Muslims ask for Islamic Civil Law for them for marriage, property distribution ,divorce.

But Muslis don't demand for Islamic Crimonal Law. If seperate law for Muslims is required it should be for both civil and criminal. Otherwise They should have common civil code ( The Suprim Court also stressed on Common Civil Code several times)



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    Now, let me see.

    Isn't the Islamic "Civil Law" the one about Marriages and Inheritance ?

    Where the Muslim is allowed 4 wives, legally and gets the bigger share of the inheritance than his sister and so on and so forth?

    While the Islamic "Criminal Law" the one where they get their arms cut off for stealing and 200 lashes for minor offenses and so on?

    Hell, it doesn't take too much intelligence to see why your Muslims there want only the good half and not the rest!?

    Have you seen Muslims ever being fair and just?



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    Religious laws has always been a means of persecution and oppress its citizen and retain power in the name of religion. For centuries this has been going on, earlier it was the kings & queens in collaboration with the Church. This has also been a reason for many revolutions; two examples are the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

    Many of the states follow Islamic Laws (Sharia). The reason for following the Sharia is same as it was earlier oppress its citizen and or retain power. With the oil revenue most of its citizen is well cared of at present in these monarchies but they may not able to survive beyond the next 30 to 40 years.

    Sharia has very strict laws, this is the sole reason most of the dictators of the Muslim majority states after toppling Democratic governments have opted to Sharia Law. The reason has been the same oppress it citizen in the name of religion with the sole intention of retaining power.

    Religion is an individual choice while state and its civil and criminal laws is for the collective masses. It is in the interest of democracy and its masses that these two are not mixed up as religious laws date back to a century to 1000’s of year back and what was prevalent than cannot be relevant today. Religious laws have never been successful in the past and is surely bound fail in the states under religious laws in the near future.

  • The answer is simple, its too harsh for them so they want only the part which will give them unlimited rights but nun of the responsibilities.

    Do you know that according to Shariyat banking is also not allowed, money you earn must be dented to the needy etc. but the Muslims who support the Shariyat most strongly have the fattest bank accounts.

    If Shariyat is implemented it will give Imams and Mullahs great power over common Muslim people and we all must oppose such laws.

    I personally hate different laws for people of different religion.

    If a Hindu woman can get divorce from her husband then why not a Muslim woman? How come a Muslim give divorce just by shouting Talak three times? Muslim women cant even get money after divorce.

    But finally it all comes to ballot box. During the govt. of Rajeev Gandhi the law was changed to nullify a Supreme Court's order and get all Muslim votes in the forthcoming elections.

    The laws are made for getting maximum votes not for betterment of people or in general the nation.

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    Phoenix gives a good summary.

    Civil cases are between people, who if they wish can proceed with religious civil court.

    Criminal cases are between the state and the accused; in a democracy, it has to be separate from any religion because the state in a democracy (India is one), also has no religion (separation of church and state).

    I think no religious group should have its own court system, civil or criminal in a democratic society.

    Where I live, in Ontario, Canada the government took away all religious civil courts after concerns that women's rights werent being upheld i.e. in family law cases.

    They brought everything back into the public civil courts to make sure everyone's rights were upheld.

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  • Because Civil Law is voluntary, in a sense. On criminal law it is up to the police and the attorneys to determine when a law is broken and how it should be handled, and all citizens are handled equally. Civil law can and is usually initiated by civilians and in the case of Islamic civil law, could not be used against someone who was not Muslim.

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    Dear Subu D,Why r u have so much hatred for others religions. I am a Muslim by religion but i follow Hinduism (by nature) in India.i had read all ur Question. In all question u criticise Islam or Christian's. Brother if u don't have knowledge about Koran and Muhammad then why u write this type of question? One thing i want to tell u that if Islam or Jesus has any lie or fake in them then billions of people not followed them. Ur not wise enough to figure-out this. U can't blame a religion or community for the work of some stupid terrorist.Please Answer me brother.

    Source(s): I don't like when they say "Islamic terrorist".......Islam do'nt teach terrorism.
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    There should be one set of laws for a nation, when you immigrate there you know before hand or you should what the laws are and what the people believe who live there.

    If you don't like the way it is run then don't go there.

    If you do then obey their laws and their customs, which should be established by the majority of the people who live there and vote it into place.

    Don't go places that you do not like the way they do things and then demand your own ideas.

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    It isabsurd and idiotically discriminatory to have separage civil and criminal laws for people of diffeerent religons among the citizens of one and the same country.the laws should be the same for all the people of one and the same country.No one shall take shield under the religions from criminal and civil liablities .Religions shoulkd be pureluy a personal affair and not an inter-personal matter with different appplications in the case of people of different religions .If theft is an offence , it shyuld bve an offence for all irrespective of one's religion.So should be the case of all civil and crimainal matters ..

    Soo is all civil abd criminal matters


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    Islamic laws for Muslims only. suits me fine. To peanut brains who want islamic laws applied to Non Muslims in India as well as all over the world, --------- keep asking the world-- Oh why do u hate us?

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    Maybe because the Criminal Law is very severe.

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