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What should I do?

There was this cat under my aunty's house and I feel sorry for it so i fed him and name him Max and I bought him cat food and I go there everyday to feed him but then I found out that my aunt is moving to there new house. My aunt moved and I'm worried cause nobody is living there and I still think about him and I dont know what to do sometimes I just sit at home and think about Max and it comes to my mind.

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    I think Max will be fine - If he's a stray cat he will survive on his own with his natural insincts. If your real worried ask your mom or dad to bring you there to check him and maybe bring him to the animal shelter. Your very nice to care so much!

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    You should not leave him there. It's true that he could survive, but feral (wild) cats will breed to unlimited ends. The cats become very unhealthy from low nutrition and they become weak and malnourished. Take him to a shelter. They'll find a loving home for him.

    Good Luck Max!!!!

    Source(s): My friend adopted a feral cat from a shelter. The kitten had hundreds of siblings (from different parents here and there) and he was very skinny. She had only had him for about a year or two. He died a month ago because he could not recover from his malnourished state. Also, my friend lives next to a whole clan of cats. This old lady next to her tries to feed them. This is somewhat of a bad thing. My friend always has cat "dirt" everywhere in her yard and sometimes hears a lot of meowing next door during the late hours of the night. She should call a shelter to see what they can do. I've seen these cats. They are thin and very shy. It's best to rescue them at a younger age so that they can get used to human presence in a home if brought to a shelter.
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    You have to continue feeding Max he has come to depend on his daily meals from you just as you do with your parents,,,,if they quit feeding you and just thought about you what would you think???Same thing max is thinking,,,you should have moved max to your outside yard,

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    If you care about him go and get him, take him home of nobody wants him or take him to a rescue. I dont see why you dont know what to do whats stopping you?

    Source(s): I work at a vet part time
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    phone the rspca

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    i would take it in

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