Internet browsing very slow in vista?

Some sites load slow and some sites load very slowly or just dont load at all. my networking device is a nvidia nforce networking controller and i am running vista home premium 32bit. I have done a bit of searching on google and ive tried a few commands in cmd but nothing works, i have also uninstalled the nvida drivers and re installed the latest one.

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    This will take a while but you might as well learn it as you have to do it probably every 6 weeks.if you are a keen internet user.

    From my notes

    Also while your computer is in good nick you should download and install Superantispyware and Spybot –Search and Destroy because when malware gets going you will not be able to access the net.

    Clean Up Computer



    Has a stop homepage from being altered which is good

    Can reset windows defaults in various parts

    Download and run superantispyware. I was put onto this program because of an annoying popup (XP or Vista plus all OS preceding)

    Install it and set the preferences to monitor your home page.

    Set up tick boxes that you want in the other tabs as you require.

    You don’t need to run it at startup unless you want the antispyware protection 24/7.

    Note Superantispyware has powerful reset tools that will set stuff back to windows defaults.

    To use these tools click preferences >repairs. This may be handy to reset IE URLS if you have annoying pop ups.

    Superantispyware is a good program and remember to update it before scanning. A scan may take 45mins. Just run a scan for the first attack.

    Spybot – Search and Destroy


    Download spybot search and destroy. Through its immunize page and link to javacools spyblaster, spybot can manage activex problems which is extremely difficult for antispyware programs to find. Also just run the scan for first attack.


    Windows Live Onecare


    Onecare safety scan fixes registry and finds temp files that nothing else seems to find.

    Choose the Beta Edition link for vista users.

    It does registry, spyware , virus , disk clean up and defrag

    XP Users

    Vista Users

    Run the full safety scanner, it takes a few seconds to install the scanning files but when you start the scan, it takes 2 hours or more. Let it load the scanning tools, then start the Safety Scan. So once it starts to load the safety scans' x file of x , you can leave the computer and go to bed etc.

    Then at the end of the scan it asks you to set it running full time.

    Think twice about setting it to run in the background as it could be another thing to slow you down. However, it may be worth while if you have no other security programs running.

    Consider the following options:

    I personally run Norton 360 which is full internet security and run superantispyware when I want to.

    So if you don’t have a decent internet security program then perhaps run the superantispyware with your antivirus in the background.

    If you sick of antivirus programs that don’t work perhaps run onecare full time and run superantispyware whenever.

    Now you should be flying and Onecare has even set up a new system restore point for you.

    Note onecare does other stuff as well. Click on the menus on the LHS column., but all of this is done if you click Safety Scan.

    add onecare to your favourites


    Over time IE7 seems to set its own (or programs do) tick boxes in the advance tab.

    In IE7 Tools >Internet Options >Advance Tab

    Click Restore advance settings defaults

    Tick empty temp files when browser closes (this empties the cache, which if not empty, will stop you from going online).

    Bullet disable phishing filter

    Delete Browser History, cookies, add ons the whole lot regularly.

    Close the browser to set the settings.

    NOTE: 2008 will be the year of add on malware and spyware. I advise NOT to install active x when asked to on unknown websites. If you allow an active x install and it contains adware or such, no antivirus or anti-spyware will find it, because you have given permission to install it. The cleanup programs think that you want it installed. It will be very difficult to remove.

    Phishing Filter

    When first released, phishing filter slowed IE7. Apparently, Microsoft has fixed this through the windows updates. If you like you could try to run it - bullet the enable.

    Only run one phishing filter program, and only run one firewall program.


    Fixing Your Computer

    Run the scans of the three programs above. If your computer is still faulty then you have to go deeper with the features mentioned.

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    this is basically to do along with your information superhighway speeds. do no longer situation approximately regardless of if this is vista or xp. they're basically working structures, and that they oftentimes do no longer intrude with the cost of information superhighway. take a swifter broadband, and that i promise you will see a transformation.

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  • Anonymous
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    Your Mom installed a spyware program and is recording everything you do on the computer.


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    you have a virus called "windows vista"

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