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Help. I need to stop a Tom cat entering my house and spraying?

We have an unwelcome tom cat spraying and now sleeping in our house.Our cat has been neutered since it was 6mths old. We have disturbed the cat a couple of times and tried to catch it with water but it is still coming in. I have tried to use the spray Get Off after cleaning with a disinfectant. We have a tom but he doesn't wear a collar so we can't get a different cat flap.

Not sure who the cat belongs to but if we do manage to capture it then its going for the chop! Any ideas how to stop it coming in without scaring off our little chap. Its disgusting

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    Wouldn't it be worth getting your tom to wear a collar so that you could put one of those magnetic things on it that trigger the cat flat to open for your cat and only your cat?

    I ask because my friend had this problem with a mangy tom coming in and terrorising his two female cats, and that was the only solution. The females soon got used to having the things round their necks and were much more relaxed when not in fear of the big beast intruding on their territory.

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    Last year my beautiful Manx cat Theodore went out for the evening and never came back. I love cats and the house didn't feel the same without one, so I picked up Lola from a rescue centre. She was very frightened and would pee all over the house. I found Cat Spraying No More� on the internet and the techniques worked almost immediately. I haven't had a problem with Lola since. Amazing!

    Can't stop your cat peeing in the house? Then worry no more...

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    Oh god that's just awful. I had three tom's spraying my garage once. You couldn't go near it, the smell was just too strong.

    There's this device you can buy that sends out a signal for about 15 feet that cats dilsike and seems to have good reviews. I've never personally used it.

    but it'd also chase your cats off

    I think your best bet would be catching him and fixing him. Regardless if he has an owner or not, he's outdoors and intact, probably got a couple girls pregnant now and that's not good. Plus it's causing you hardship.

    Good luck. Toms are pesky creatures lol

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    you know, it's weird.. i've taken care of 5 toms-all unfixed.. 3 were strays 2 were Queen's rooftop cats that a family took in & couldn't take to Oregon, and i've never had that problem. even when i brought in a female, my "bubba" cat who i thought would be all over her, took off instead.. she intimidated him. i was very surprised. Maybe he just had too much respect for my wishes or was afraid of my being angry if he did something wrong.

    Kick it out! Intimidate it.. for goodness sakes, chase it and yell at it,, coax it with a broom if needs be.. you must not seem mad enough when you use the water on it. I think that people don't give animals enough credit for their perceptiveness. I'm betting that cat thinks you're milktoast.

    When you try being scarier, realize that it might crap, jump around your furniture, and claw it's way up the drapes, and break things.. so be set up and ready.. Also, when your cat sees this, it may be intimidated for a while afterwards too... maybe even offended that you ran off it's buddy,..So try to start at a lower intensity, but you shouldn't have to go thru too many rounds of that in the future.

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    The only way to stop it coming in is to block of the way it is entering, try only opening windows a tiny bit (if it is using the windows) and if it coming throught the cat flap there is no other option other that installing a magnetic or infered catflap and getting your cat used to wearing collers.

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    Dad gum Toms. They come to our window and meow so loud and get our cat Taffy excited so she has to go chat with them.

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    DON'T HURT THE CAT!!in every case.Don''s normal,maybe he just want someone to be sweet with him,he seems without family.Pour little cat...

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    Call animal control.


    Get a dog.

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    get a lock for the cat flap

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