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how do i prevent myself from being SOOOO distracted by everything whilst doing my homework? for instance, NOW! D:

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    write out a TO DO list & stick to it. Include breaks. Check off tasks as completed.

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    everyone has these kinds of problems, so u're not alone. (I'm having an exam 2mrw...)

    anyways...try finding out ur attention span (the amt of time u can really focus on something) by concentratin on something (like for eg. stare at something and time urself for how long u can stare at that without moving)

    Within that time-limit (attention span) try studying the tough subjects.

    Works for me!

    (hope this helps u)

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    First step: get off Yahoo Answers. Next step: start to - oh look! A kitty!

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    1 decade ago

    The hardest part is starting, so just start! Start reading over what is required of you, then work out how you'll go about it, then get stuck in :).

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    tune everything out and concentrate on your homework

  • 1 decade ago

    i have the same problem

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